Knead Therapy Clinic

Nanaimo, British Columbia

345 days ago


November 30, 2022

Full Time

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Job Description

How would it feel to be supported?

How would it feel to set your own schedule?

How would it feel to do what you do best only?

How would it feel to work alongside open and responsive administers?

How would it feel to be busy from day one?

How would it feel to maximize your income AND your tax deductions?

How would it feel to be part of an experienced and welcoming practitioners?

How would it feel to have an engaged clinic owner that’s on your side?

How would it feel to be in control of your daily flow?

How would it feel to have ease at work when life is hard?

This is how Knead Therapy operates.  If it isn’t smooth, or doesn’t support you, it doesn’t work for the clinic.

Knead works by putting  RMTs needs first, so you can do your best work.  As long term award winning clinic run by a RMT for 12 years, the whole team invites you to check out Central Vancouver (Nanaimo, BC) as a Locum or committed RMT.

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Knead Therapy Clinic
Phone: 250-753-6322
Email: [email protected]

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