Registered Massage Therapists

ARZ Massage & Wellness Inc.

SURREY, British Columbia

328 days ago


November 30, 2023

Full Time

 Jane software used for all online record keeping, scheduling & transactions.  As an independent contractor you will receive 70% of the revenue received

Job Description

About ARZ Massage & Wellness Inc.
ARZ Massage & Wellness Inc. is a leading wellness center dedicated to providing exceptional holistic care to our valued clients. With our planned opening in early December, we are excited to expand our team and bring the ARZ experience to our clients.
 Must be a Registered Massage Therapist, holding a valid license or certification.
 Excellent knowledge and proficiency in various massage techniques and modalities.
 Flexibility in scheduling, including availability to work evenings and weekends.

 Provide high-quality massages tailored to clients’ specific needs.
 Conduct thorough assessments to understand clients’ medical history and goals.
 Perform precise massages to relax muscles and alleviate pain.
 Maintain strict hygiene standards for clean treatment rooms.

To apply:
Please submit your resume, cover letter, and any relevant certifications or licenses to [email protected]

Job Inquiries

ARZ Massage & Wellness Inc.
Phone: 672-558-4113
Email: [email protected]

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