Massage Therapy Intern Program

Massage Addict

Coquitlam, British Columbia

599 days ago


November 30, 2022


Job Description

Looking for an opportunity to put your learning into practice and continue developing your scope of knowledge in a supportive clinic environment?  Could you benefit from the experience of well-tenured RMTs who undertand what it takes to complete the CMTBC board exams and thrive as a healthcare professional?  Our Intern Program aims to help elevate your confidence as you transition from student to RMT.

By partnering you with an in-clinic RMT Mentor, we’ll help you achieve personalized learning objectives that include:

  • Hands-on clinical experience with exposure to different modalities and practioner styles
  • Business and administrative coaching
  • Assistance to help prepare you for the Board Exam
  • Weekly/monthly support

We also offer:

  • A fully-paid flexible schedule
  • An already established clientele
  • All of your supplies and PPE’s
  • And we’ll take care of all the administrative tasks including laundry.

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