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Jack Nathan Health

Brampton, Markham, Maple, Ontario

4075 days ago


April 26, 2013

Full Time

Performance Pay Scale Commission Split

Job Description

We are expanding in multiple locations and are looking for RMT’s who are self motivated, ambitious, reliable and confident in working with other health care professionals. To be successful the candidate should be able to create rapport quickly with clients, medical and retail colleagues!

Requirements: Applicants must be registered with the CMTO. The right candidate must be fluent in English. The candidate must be able to work a minimum 3 days a week including some weekends.

We are offering,

• Fully functional treatment room with Hydraulic table, sink, desk, and laptop etc.
• Reception area
• Appointment booking and payment provided
• Web based software, Check your schedule online and or on smart phone, paperless intake forms, clients can book their own appointment online and much more.
• Clinical Team, Family Doctors, Chiropractors, Kinesiologist, RMT’s, plus referral sources from 300-500 Walmart employees ie. Pharmacy, vision center, salon and more.
• Leadership training in personal and business development
• Massage therapy training and development
• Mentorship
• Bonus incentives
• Marketing and Promotional tools business cards, flyers, advertising all over Walmart (Thousands of customers daily)
• Multiple locations across Ontario and Canada.

Please forward your resume to [email protected], thank you!

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Jack Nathan Health
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