At WCCMT, your relationship with the school doesn’t end with graduation. Our community of graduates is very important to us and we’re proud to provide ongoing service and resources to our grads.

Benefits of Being a WCCMT Alumni

Our Alumni Services Department is here to assist you throughout your ongoing career. We offer support to graduates in a variety of ways, including:

  • Subsequent career searches
  • Further skills development
  • Keep you informed of events at the College
  • Maintain/enhance relationships developed with
    other alumni & staff
  • Alumni CEU Partnership Program

Sign Up for our Alumni Newsletter

We send out important updates to our alumni through our monthly Massage Talk Newsletter. If you’re a WCCMT alumni and not currently receiving this newsletter please sign up here.

Access to Job Board

Looking into what your next career move will be? Or, are you an employer looking to add a new RMT to your team?

Check out our online job board, a resource only available to WCCMT students and alumni. If you would like to post a job on the WCCMT website, the form can be found here.

Referral Program 

The number one reason that students choose WCCMT is referral; and that referral typically comes from a WCCMT alumni.

Each time a new student identifies you on their application form and that student is accepted and remains in the program for at least the first month of term 1, that student qualifies as a referral from you. Each term the College will reward alumni referrals as follows:

  • 1st place award of $1,000 – highest number of referrals (minimum of 3 students referred into a particular term)
  • 2nd place award of $500 – second highest number of referrals (minimum of 2 students referred into a particular term)
  • 3rd place award of $250 – third highest number of referrals (minimum of 1 student referred into a particular term)

Become a Part of our grad Tutor Program

If you are a WCCMT grad and have considered a potential career as an instructor at WCCMT we invite you give instruction a try by becoming a Grad Tutor.

What is our Grad Tutor Program?

The College provides current students with after class tutorials in topics that students are struggling with such as; Term 1 Clinical Assessment; Term 2 NeuroPNS; Term 3 GenOrtho; or Term 4 RSO.

These tutorials are facilitated by WCCMT graduates (Grad Tutors) who volunteer their time to come into the College for a minimum of one hour per week for 4 – 8 weeks throughout the term (dependent on student need and grad tutor availability).

The tutorials typically start at 4pm and run for between 1 – 2 hours and address concepts within the course that have been identified by the instructors as well as students.

What are the benefits of becoming a Grad Tutor?

  • Grad Tutors are provided access (free of charge) to WCCMTs Online Instructor Development Program which contains valuable instructional training.
  • Grad Tutors will be given priority in terms of any teaching opportunities either as teaching assistants or clinic instructors once they have met their 2500 hours of required clinical training posed by the CMTBC in order to be eligible to become an instructor at WCCMT.
  • Grad Tutors have access to our student internship clinic free of charge

Most important of all Grad Tutors have the opportunity to make a difference for their future colleagues by utilizing their knowledge and skills to support new students to successfully complete our program and be fully prepared for the CMTBC Board Exam.

If you are interested, please contact Pauline at [email protected]


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