Omer Karacay

Omer Karacay

Omer Karacay

Omer Karacay graduated from WCCMT in August 2015 and is currently working as a Registered Massage Therapist at Inlet Wellness Gallery in Port Moody. In addition, Omer recently joined the WCCMT faculty as a Teaching Assistant. He is here to share with us what his WCCMT experience was like.

What made WCCMT stand out to you when deciding which school to go to?

WCCMT has the best team of academic and practical instructors and has an excellent reputation for registered massage therapy education. When clinic owners hear that you are a WCCMT graduate, they want to have you on their team without hesitation.

How would you describe the atmosphere at WCCMT?

The program is very challenging but the administration and instructors do their best to make sure that students become excellent RMTs. We spent so much time together within the 20 month program, I can easily say we became a family in the end.

What resources did you find most helpful in order to succeed in our program?

Instructors were available pretty much all the time to help us with anything we need. I took advantage of that on a regular basis. They answered all my questions, even if it was the weekend or evening.

What can you tell me about the quality of instructors at WCCMT?

They are extremely knowledgeable about their subjects and they are always ready to answer any and all questions from students. They all try their best to make sure you succeed in the program and more importantly, they make sure that you become a RMT with the highest standards.

What was your favorite part of the clinic internship and why?

The variety of practicums were great for learning about different conditions and actively working on them.

Is there a specific clinic experience that stands out?

UBC Track & Field team outreach was without a doubt, my favorite. I learned a lot from that outreach and I actively use that experience in my practice today.

Did you feel prepared for the Board Exams?

I don’t believe anyone feels completely ready for the Board Exams but I was confident that I would do well in all of them. Stress is always there no matter how much knowledge you have and in all honesty, stress made me better. Not taking it serious can be a mistake.

What resources helped you feel more prepared?

The Mock Board exam is an excellent tool. I used it a lot during my preparation.

How soon after the Board exams did you find work?

I found work before they even announced the results of the Board Exam. The clinic owner was simply waiting for me to get my RMT registration number. Afterwards I started to practice right away.

Did you have a lot of employment options and did you feel as a WCCMT graduate employers were more interested in hiring you?

Yes. As I mentioned before; the moment clinic owners see that you are a WCCMT graduate, they don’t ask you much else afterwards. They want you on their team as soon as possible.

What things are you doing now to grow your career? Give back to your profession?

I had been volunteering at the College as a Grad Tutor to help new students better understand the importance of Clinical Assessment. That volunteering led to an offer, which I accepted, to join the WCCMT Faculty as a Teaching Assistant.

Would you recommend WCCMT to your friends?

Without a doubt, I would recommend WCCMT to anybody who is interested in becoming an RMT.

What advice would you have for someone who is thinking of becoming and RMT?

It is one of the most fulfilling careers that I can think of. It has great financial potential as well which makes it an even better choice. However I need to give a heads up to anyone who is thinking of becoming an RMT; it is a long and difficult program, so make sure that this is what you want to do with your life. Attend Student For a Day, talk to the current students, graduates, and instructors about the challenges that you will be facing. It is 100% worth the time and effort, but you need to be sure this is what you want to do.

What questions should people ask when considering a school?

How relevant are the courses to the board exam?

How much time do I need to study outside of school hours to make sure I succeed?

Does the school give enough resources or do I have to do my own research constantly?

Is there enough time spent on hands-on skills? How much theory will I be learning?

Are the instructors available for my questions and concerns outside of school hours?

Does the school’s reputation help while I am looking for a job?

Does the school help with finding a job?

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