Nazila Ghorbani

Nazila Ghorbani

Nazila Ghorbani

Nazila Ghorbani graduated from WCCMT in August 2015 and is the owner of Caring Hands Massage Therapy in New Westminster. She is here to share with us what her WCCMT experience was like.

What made WCCMT stand out to you when deciding which school to go to?

The highest rate for passing the board exam, and the high quality education. It had a great reputation as being one of the top Massage Therapy schools in BC.

How would you describe the atmosphere at WCCMT?

A warm, friendly, supportive and caring professional atmosphere.

What resources did you find most helpful in order to succeed in our program?

For me, the grad tutor program [where a recent WCCMT grad comes to the College to tutor students in specific courses] was the most effective resource.

Tell me about the quality of instructors at WCCMT?

They were accessible, knowledgeable, caring, enthusiastic and passionate in their teaching. Instructors respect the students, and create the sense of community and belonging in the classroom.

What was your favourite part of the clinic internship and why?

Interacting with patients and helping them to achieve health and wellness.

Is there a specific clinic experience that stands out? Outreach? Patient experience?

Yes of course, I treated an 80 year old lady who suffered from hip and ITB pain. Following her treatment with me, she told me that she could sleep without pain for the first time in a couple of years. We continued the treatment and she was able to walk around the lake near her home without pain which normally was impossible for her. Still I remember the feeling I had.

Did you feel prepared for the Board Exams?

Absolutely, the program at WCCMT is planned in a way that gets you to that point by having MOCK OPs, MSAK, and A&P reviews. I was quite confident on my board exam because I was taught everything I needed to know.

How soon after the Board exams did you find work?

The same day that I received my registration number from the CMTBC.

Did you have a lot of employment options and did you feel as a WCCMT graduate employers were more interested in hiring you?

Yes I did. Employers know that WCCMT students are great with their hands-on skills and the best in anatomical knowledge.

What was it like going to school in New Westminster?

The commute was so easy to commute since it’s close to Skytrain.

Are you working now, if so what career path did you take?

I am working now and I love my career. I started to work in different clinics and I ended up opening my own business. It is really a great privilege to be an RMT because there is lots that you can do after graduating.

What things are you doing now to grow your career? Give back to your profession?

There are many courses available depending on what you like. By being an expert in a technique, you can promote your personal skill and help your business.

Would you recommend WCCMT to your friends? Why?

I already recommended WCCMT to three of my friends because of the high teaching quality, excellent equipment in the school, and high board exam pass rates.