Jeff White

Jeff White

Jeff White

Jeff White graduated from WCCMT in April 2016 and is currently working two jobs. He splits his time between Fairmont Pacific Rim and Hartwell Therapy and Wellness. He is here to share his WCCMT experience.

 What year did you graduate?

April 2016

What made you decide to become a RMT? 

I had always been interested in the topic, but became more aware while doing my kinesiology degree at UBC. I was doing some athletic training there for one of the varsity sports teams and was able to see how well massage worked as part of the rehab team. I appreciated the patient focused time and care that RMT favours over many health professions,and I’m happy I chose this direction.

What made WCCMT stand out to you when deciding which school to go to?

To be honest, it had a good reputation. I checked out most of the schools, and it had a record of excellent therapists.

Was the fact the WCCMT has been delivering massage therapy education for nearly 35 years a factor in your decision to come here?

Reputations matter in this business.

How would you describe the atmosphere at WCCMT?

Overworked, overwhelmed, but motivated.

What resources did you find most helpful in order to succeed in our program?

The instructors were fantastic, and they were definitely the best resource. Other than that, I relied on classmates as we were all trying to reach the same goal.

 Tell me more about the quality of instructors at WCCMT? 

They are the reason to be at WCCMT.

What made WCCMT instructors exceptional?

They are knowledgeable, but more important, they are very passionate. They are there because they want to make us better, and that is a noticeable trait they share. I know they spent extra time and effort trying to improve classes where they could, and take the extra time and care to help make us better therapists.

What did you think of the various clinic Outreaches?

Excellent opportunities for exposure to different clinical populations.

Did you feel prepared for the Board Exams?

Not when I wrote, but looking back on it, we were probably over prepared. It was more the stress of the test that was challenging.

What resourcehelped you feel more prepared for the Board Exams?

Mock Board Exams in term 5 were scary, but an excellent practice run. It was a great way to prepare for the board exam process and have an opportunity to review with the instructors one on one.

How soon after the Board exams did you find work?

I had already found work as a body worker before Boards because I several months before I wrote. I started in a new role as an RMT shortly after passing Boards and registering with the CMTBC.

Did you have a lot employment options?

Not as a bodyworker (waiting to write Board Exams), but as an RMT there were plenty of job offers.

Are you working now, if so where?

Fairmont Pacific Rim and Hartwell Therapy and Wellness.

What things are you doing now to grow your career? Give back to your profession?

As far as growing my career, I am working in two places to grow experience in different areas, and chose a clinic specifically because it gives me a large opportunity to learn. I also enrolled in the RMT mentorship program to receive guidance from an RMT who has been practicing for a lot longer than I have been.

As far as growing my profession, I believe that massage therapy is extremely far behind in research, and I believe it is the origin of several professional issues for us. I am hoping to join my new team at Hartwell to contribute to that body of research in the near future.

What advice would you have for someone who is thinking of becoming and RMT?

Be prepared to commit to school. This isn’t like an undergrad, and it is very hard to maintain even a small side job. The time stress is very extreme, but the end result is wonderful once you make it through school!