Semester Overview

Semester Overview

Term 1

In semester one of our Competency-Based Mastery Level program, students are introduced to Anatomy and Physiology and Musculoskeletal Anatomy which forms the core expertise base for RMTs.  In addition, students are introduced to the palpation, manual and assessment skills required for clinical practice and finally, to the subjects of Ethics and Professionalism and Communication which support them in understanding and fulfilling their professional role as regulated healthcare professionals.

Term 2

In semester two, students continue to build on the foundational knowledge they have acquired in Anatomy and Physiology one and deepen and develop this knowledge by expanding it to include Pathology and Neurology.  In semester two students also deepen and expand their palpation and manual skills and are introduced to therapeutic exercises.  Additionally, in semester two students begin to integrate theory and practice by beginning their internship in our professional intern clinic where they provide relaxation oriented massage therapy to the general public.

Term 3

In semester three, students continue to build and advance their critical thinking and reasoning skills in order to support them in effective clinical management and are introduced to numerous soft tissue complaints and conditions which RMTs typically treat. With increased knowledge and skill and the enhanced ability to integrate knowledge and skills students in term three are provided with the opportunity to begin treating soft tissue pathologies in our professional  student intern clinic.

Term 4

With the deepening and enhancement of clinical skills and critical thinking abilities in semester four, students are ready to treat more challenging orthopedic and systemic conditions utilizing advanced treatment techniques typically utilized by registered massage therapists for managing these conditions.

Term 5

In semester five, students are introduced to disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems, spinal orthopedics as well as the business and practice management skills they will need to support them in building and operating successful massage therapy practices. This semester also includes academic and practical review to prepare students for the CMTBC licensure exam.

 At the completion of semester five, students are confidently prepared to undertake the CMTBC’s licensure examination for entry to practice.