Update: 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic all decisions made regarding the ongoing operations of the school and delivery of our RMT program have been guided by two fundamental principles: first and foremost, maintaining the health and safety of all members of the WCCMT community (students, faculty, staff and patients) and secondly, the effective and timely delivery of our program of study.

With these principles in mind the school, back in mid-May, made the difficult decision that it would not be able to safely welcome students back to in-person practical classes or open the public student intern clinic in mid-June as hoped and would need to delay the return to campus until September.

Current students have been continuing with their academic studies online during this summer term which will allow the Fall term to focus exclusively on practical courses and clinic practicum. Although the right decision to make the College appreciates that the impact is significant, as it will now take students two terms to successfully complete their current term of study.

During these summer months, the administrative team is working diligently to put in place the necessary health & safety protocols and procedures required for everyone’s safe return to campus in September. Like everywhere, it will not be a return to ‘normal’ but WCCMT is resilient, with a proud and proven history of over 35 years.

Drawing from our experiences and guided by our principles WCCMT is confident that even in these unprecedented times of COVID-19 we will adapt and evolve and remain committed to the safe and effective delivery of our RMT program.

With students currently studying online the campus and public intern clinic remain closed at this time but we look forward to reopening our doors, with strict COVID-19 protocols in place, on Tuesday September 8 2020.