What are the start dates?
WCCMT offers three intakes each calendar year; January, May, and September. For a specific dates, click here.

Is financial assistance available?
WCCMT offers a program of study which is registered under the Private Training Institution Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education; therefore financial assistance through Student Aid BC may be available to eligible students. To apply for student aid go to www.studentaidbc.ca.

What is the cost of tuition?
The current tuition cost for domestic students is $31,500 and the current tuition cost for international students $34,845.

Do you have campus tours?
Yes. Tours of the New Westminster campus can be booked by appointment by contacting Admissions by phone at 604-520-1844 ext 232 or by e-mail at [email protected].

We also hold “Information Sessions” and offer “Student for a Day” programs for prospective students wanting to explore a career in massage therapy.

Is there a charge for the Student for a Day?
No, this program is free and available to prospective students investigating a career in massage therapy and wish to experience first-hand what WCCMT has to offer. Prospective students will spend a day sitting in on both a practical and academic class, where there may be opportunities for participation, as well as ample time to speak one-on-one with current students.

What are your prerequisites?
Applicants must have a minimum of high school graduation. Applicants are required to have successfully completed a three-day Introduction to Massage Program offered at WCCMT. Please see our Prerequisite Requirements page for the full list.

How can I determine if a course I have taken elsewhere will meet the prerequisite requirements at WCCMT?
If you are uncertain whether your course meets WCCMT requirements, please provide us with a copy of your transcripts and a description (course outline) of the course or courses for which you are seeking equivalency. If necessary we will conduct a prior learning assessment to determine which courses may be transferable. There is a $250 fee for this service.

Is there a maximum class size?
On average, class sizes are 40 per intake.  It is also important to note that for practical classes there is a ratio of one instructor to every 22 students.

What if there are more than the maximum number of applicants for a given intake?

At WCCMT, each application submission is based on a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of each prospective students’ application.  The goal of the evaluation is to determine the applicants’ readiness for entry and ultimate success in the program.  Typically, there is more interest in our intakes than we have seats available for so, every effort should be made to submit your application early and ensure you have met the minimum requirements.

If the evaluation of your application is successful and the intake you have applied for is at capacity, you will be placed on our waitlist.  If you are not moved from the waitlist you will be given priority enrollment into the next intake.  A complete list of prerequisite requirements can be found here. To ensure processing without delay, please follow the instructions on the application form carefully.

A complete application, which meets all requirements, does not constitute a guarantee of acceptance.