Our Team

Our Team

Most Highly Credentialed and Experienced Instructors in the Profession Today

Delivering great massage therapy classes requires great instructors. At WCCMT our exceptional teaching staff is the key reason why our graduates are consistently the most successful candidates writing CMTBC provincial board exams.

WCCMT’s instructional faculty are the most highly credentialed instructors in massage therapy schools in BC and Canada. Our instructors are Ph.D.s, MDs, Chiropractors and Naturopathic Physicians in Health Sciences, and hold at least a Masters degree for instruction in Human Sciences and of course are Registered Massage Therapists with several years of clinical and teaching experience in Clinical Sciences.

In addition all of our instructors are experienced instructors who have completed an instructor development program and are familiar with and able to utilize the most effective modern educational tools and resources that an instructor will need to ensure that his or her students receive the best education possible.

Finally, it’s also all about attitude and our instructors are committed, caring and passionate teachers and lifelong learners eager to share their knowledge and skills with our students.

WCCMT New Westminster Administration

Cidalia Paiva, Ph.D. – Director of Accreditation, SEA

Dr. Cidalia Paiva holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Ethics and has been a pioneer and a leader in the massage therapy community in Canada for almost 30 years. Dr. Paiva is also North America’s foremost expert on the subject matter of Ethics and Professionalism. She is the author of four text books and over sixty articles published in both professional and trade journal magazines. Dr. Paiva believes in the efficacy of massage therapy, first-hand, as a patient of massage therapy and professionally as an advocate of the profession for the patients that we serve in British Columbia, Canada and Internationally.

Lori DeCou – Director of Operations

Lori DeCou is an accomplished executive with over 20 years’ experience leading organizations in the development and execution of strategic initiatives designed to achieve identified goals and objectives. With extensive background in change management, strategic communications and policy development Lori has worked in a variety of sectors, including retail and most recently regulatory health with both the College of Pharmacists for BC and Ontario.

Nancy Joseph, Ph.D., PID – Academic Education Advisor

Dr. Nancy Joseph holds a Ph.D. in Zoology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She completed the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma program with Vancouver Community College in 2014. She has been teaching numerous courses in the academic department at WCCMT for the last five years and is a dedicated and passionate teacher sincerely committed to her student’s success

Keith Bootsma, RMT – Practical Education Advisor

Keith Bootsma is a WCCMT graduate with over nine years of clinical practice experience and over four years of teaching experience of senior-level course work prior to being promoted to the position of Practical Education Advisor for WCCMT, New Westminster.

Stephanie Roberts, RMT – Clinic Administrator – Marketing and Operations

Stephanie is a WCCMT graduate with 5 years’ experience working as an RMT. Stephanie has two years of experience within the College as an instructor in the clinic and the classroom. She also has life time experience with small family business administration and people management.

Deb Lizée  – Clinic Administrator – Scheduling and Logistics

Deb Lizée has been with WCCMT for over thirteen years in various capacities including: Reception, Lead Receptionist, Assistant to the Clinic Manager and presently Clinic Administrator – Scheduling and Logistics. Deb brings excellence in multi-tasking, problem solving and as a favourite among students, faculty and staff alike, has a proven ability to build strong rapport through positive relationships that facilitate the College’s efforts to continuously foster a warm, caring and professional learning environment.

Pauline Edwards, BSc, Linguistics – Student Services and Facility Coordinator 

Pauline Edwards holds a Bachelor of Science in Linguistics from the University of Victoria and is currently completing a diploma in Counseling Psychology from Clearmind International. She has extensive experience in administrative roles including work in post-secondary educational institutions supporting students with a variety of student service functions.

Liz Burdeny – Admissions Coordinator

Liz  Burdeny is an experienced, accomplished and dedicated administrator who thrives in working with people and helping them reach their goals. She has an extensive background in the area of career training and career transition management and has assisted countless individuals in realizing their potential by finding the right career for them. Liz puts people first and is an excellent advisor and mentor for any candidate seeking to potentially explore the possibilities of an RMT career.

Maria Clemente – Accounting Coordinator 

After her thirteen-year career as a chemical engineer in the Philippines, Maria decided it was time for a change of scenery (and weather) and moved to the best place on earth, British Columbia. She has boosted her skills with the completion of certificates in Professional Bookkeeping and Income Taxation and has  experience working with small businesses that demands accounting work as well as HRBlock.

Mona Butler – Marketing and Admissions Operations Officer

Mona Butler has a Diploma in Journalism from Langara College and has a passion for Marketing and Communications. Her current position at WCCMT provides her with lots of opportunity to explore her passion as she supports the College in all of it’s marketing initiatives. In addition, Mona plays an integral role in supporting our admissions process.

WCCMT New Westminster Instructional Faculty

Instructor Credentials
Abreu, Ryan R.M.T.
Alimohammadi, Majid Ph.D.
Amiri, Vista RMT
Bootsma, Keith R.M.T
Borlase, Joshua R.M.T
Brise, James B.A., R.M.T.
Burger, Kevin R.M.T.
Burrows, Kristen R.M.T.
Bussiere, Tina R.M.T.
Cannon, Sean Ford R.M.T.
Caouette, Dennis R.M.T.
Chase, Maegan R.M.T.
Codoceo, Osvaldo R.M.T.
Delleman, Peter (Jake) R.M.T.
Draper, Crystal R.M.T.
Evanoff, Danielle R.M.T.
Ghodousi, Fariba M.Sc.
Ghorbani, Nazila R.M.T.
Goltz, Lehsa R.M.T.
Goranko, James R.M.T.
Havlicek, Angela R.M.T.
Hemsworth, Robert R.M.T.
Hetrea, Robert R.M.T.
Horng, Anna R.M.T.
Hsu, Amanda R.M.T
Hutton, Adryon R.M.T
Ibbitt, Patricia R.M.T.
Jackson, Sharon R.M.T.
Johnston, Paula R.M.T.
Joseph, Nancy Ph.D.
Karacay, Omer R.M.T
Kromhoff, Johnathan R.M.T.
Kuehn, Lalita R.M.T
Kurahashi, Juneko R.M.T
Lagace, Marina R.M.T.
Lee, Jennifer R.M.T.
McCann, Lindsay R.M.T
Mah, Wilson B.Sc., R.M.T.
Main, Lori R.M.T.
Mooney, Mikaela R.M.T
Niedjalski, Bethany R.M.T.
Oomen, Taylor R.M.T.
Palafox, Kathlyn BSN, BCPID
Paolini, Megan R.M.T.
Ramaswamy, Raja R.M.T.
Roberts, Stephanie R.M.T.
Roza-Pereira, Seadon R.M.T.
Sandher, Jason R.M.T.
Schweding, Jennifer R.M.T.
Snow, Melanie R.M.T.
Thorneloe, Kevin R.M.T.
Tize, Kendra R.M.T.
Turic, Branko M.D.
Van Sickle, Amy R.M.T.
Vanwyngaarden, Caroline R.M.T.
Vizniak, Nikita D.C.
Wahl, Nicole R.M.T
Wu, Elana R.M.T.