Our Team

Our Team

Most Highly Credentialed and Experienced Instructors in the Profession Today

Delivering great massage therapy classes requires great instructors. At WCCMT our exceptional teaching staff is the key reason why our graduates are consistently the most successful candidates writing CMTBC provincial board exams.

WCCMT’s instructional faculty are the most highly credentialed instructors in massage therapy schools in BC and Canada. Our instructors are Ph.D.s, MDs, Chiropractors and Naturopathic Physicians in Health Sciences, and hold at least a Masters degree for instruction in Human Sciences and of course are Registered Massage Therapists with several years of clinical and teaching experience in Clinical Sciences.

In addition, all of our instructors are experienced instructors who have completed an instructor development program and are familiar with and able to utilize the most effective modern educational tools and resources that an instructor will need to ensure that his or her students receive the best education possible.

Finally, it’s also all about attitude and our instructors are committed, caring and passionate teachers and lifelong learners eager to share their knowledge and skills with our students.

WCCMT New Westminster Administration

Brian Goldstein, MBA, CFA –President & CEO 

Following a long career in the investment management industry, Brian purchased WCCMT in 2007 and pursued his dream of building a great company focused on excellence in education. His passion is motivating people to be the very best they can be and along the way understand that they are making a meaningful contribution every single day.

Nicole Freesman, RMT, PID – Executive Director and Senior Education Administrator

Nicole Freesman is a graduate of WCCMT Victoria (2003) and has been a successful massage therapist, clinic owner and operator. She joined the team at WCCMT as a Clinic Supervisor in 2005, then a Primary Instructor in 2006. Shortly thereafter, given her capacity and passion in educational administration, was promoted to the position of Assistant Campus Director, followed by Campus Director and Curriculum Coordinator. In April of 2019 Nicole became the Assistant SEA in preparation to assume the reigns of educational leadership at WCCMT. Her leadership style and educational approach are strongly rooted in intrinsic motivation. Nicole strives to inspire people to connect to their passion and energy to help support and fuel their direction in life, whether it be education or massage. Her vision, integrity and commitment to the profession in B.C., will serve to foster recognition and respect for the important difference massage therapy care makes for the clients and the general public. Nicole hopes students leave the walls of WCCMT with a foundation of knowledge to begin their careers, but also an open mind that continues to grow and evolve.

 Sharlene Reis, B.A – Director of Compliance

Sharlene Reis, B.A. started her career in the private education sector as an ESL instructor in Guadalajara, Mexico.  She subsequently continued working in the ESL industry in management roles for 15 years before moving on to other management-level positions in vocational training colleges. Her philosophy towards education management is to empower others to become positive and effective contributors to their organization. Helping others to achieve their goals has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of her career. Sharlene looks forward to applying her skills and experience to the continued success and growth of WCCMT in her role as Director of Compliance.

Amy Van Sickle, BHSc, RMT – Curriculum Coordinator

Amy Van Sickle is a graduate of WCCMT and has been practicing as an RMT for the last 13 years. She began her instructing career at WCCMT in 2012, teaching classes that range across the spectrum of the entire RMT program. She recently completed her certificate in Training and Facilitation at the Justice Institute of B.C. and is looking forward to putting her skills into practice as the Curriculum Coordinator, supporting fellow instructors and RMT students through their academic journeys at WCCMT. In her spare time, Amy volunteers with the New West Police Victim Service Unit, and enjoys dabbling in amateur photography.

Keith Bootsma, RMT – Practical Education Advisor

Keith Bootsma, RMT is a graduate from the seven-term program at WCCMT in 2006. He came back as an instructor in 2009 and has since worked in numerous practical courses and in the public clinic. In January of 2016 Keith was promoted to the position of Practical Education Advisor for WCCMT, New Westminster. As a Registered Massage Therapist, Keith’s interests in human anatomy and injury management have led him to take numerous continuing education courses on these topics. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in the various courses he teaches at the college. Growing up in the Fraser Valley Keith has always had an appreciation for the outdoors and spends the majority of his free time enjoying what British Columbia has to offer.

Maria Clemente – Director of Operations

After her thirteen-year career as a chemical engineer in the Philippines, Maria decided it was time for a change of scenery (and weather) and moved to the best place on earth, British Columbia. Maria joined the WCCMT team in 2013, and has held various positions within the organisation before being promoted to Director of Operations in October 2021. As the Director of Operations she is responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of the New Westminster Campus aswell as overseeing the Admissions, Marketing and Clinic Administration functions.

Navdipak Kaur – Student Services Coordinator (Currently on Maternity Leave) 

Navdipak holds a Masters of Arts in English Language from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is a supporter of life-long learning and is keen to provide direct support to students, and endeavors to make genuine connections with students. Navdipak’s favourite part of her position is to see students raise confidence in themselves and flourish in their career.

Nidhi Malik- Student Services Coordinator (Maternity Leave contract)

Alona Besan – Admissions Coordinator 

Alona joined the WCCMT team in January 2021 as the daytime receptionist. She instantly connected with the students as they expressed the reward and challenges faced on the road to becoming an RMT as she herself has gone through the program at WCCMT. Given her unique experience, Alona transitioned into the Admissions Coordinator role passionate to assist prospective students in understanding the commitment the program and the profession demand, thus helping them take their first step confidently in the journey of following their dreams to become an RMT. In her spare time, Alona enjoys dancing, spending time outdoors, and trying new recipes.

Michelle Falgate – Marketing Coordinator

Michelle is a passionate advocate for the efficacy of massage therapy and brings over a decade of expertise in marketing and communications to her role. Guided by the conviction that pursuing a career in healthcare is a calling, Michelle is committed to reaching and connecting individuals in search of a meaningful career with the profound profession of Registered Massage Therapy and the opportunity to transform through the RMT Program and make a difference in peoples lives everyday.

Debbie Lizée  – Clinic Administrator – Scheduling and Logistics

Deb Lizée has been with WCCMT for over seventeen years in various capacities including: Reception, Lead Receptionist, Assistant to the Clinic Manager and presently Clinic Administrator – Scheduling and Logistics. Deb brings excellence in multi-tasking, problem solving and as a favourite among students, faculty and staff alike, has a proven ability to build strong rapport through positive relationships that facilitate the College’s efforts to continuously foster a warm, caring and professional learning environment.

Cecile Pama – Clinic Administrator – Internal and External Relations

Cecile Pama has a diverse background in Engineering and Project Management across various industries including airlines, education, insurance and healthcare. Her time spent as the Nursing Practicum Placement Coordinator for Campus Support prepared her for an easy transition into the role of Clinic Administrator – Internal and External Relation at WCCMT. What keeps her going is her belief in Confucius’ saying, “Success is not in never falling but in rising every time you fall.”

Utkarsh Choudhary – Property Service Administration Assistant

Utkarsh believes that building maintenance plays an important role which creates a better environment for the students. He loves volunteering and has volunteered in the Festival of Lights. He enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. 

WCCMT New Westminster Instructional Faculty

Alimohammadi, Majid. Ph.D. in Anatomical Sciences; M.Sc in Anatomy, B.Sc in Physical Therapy

Amiri, Vista RMT

Ambrose, Alicia B.Kin; RMT

Banak, Paulina RMT

Basset, Paige RMT

Bijan, Nicole RMT

Bilodeau, Ashley B.Sc; Naturopathic Doctor

Bootsma, Keith RMT

Borlase, Joshua RMT

Brise, James RMT

Butcher, Miguen RMT

Carriere, Nari RMT

Chang, Adam RMT

Chow, Kyle RMT

Chow, Stanley RMT

Cowan, Adam RMT

De Cou, Lori Diploma in Communications

Fairbairn, Lee-Erin RMT

Ghodousi, Fariba M.Sc in Anatomical Sciences;  B.Sc in Physiotherapy

Hargreaves, Rachel Bsc, RMT

Hemsworth, Robert RMT

Higgins (Hart), Jennifer B.A (Kinisology & Dance); RYT & Pilates Instructor

Jackson, Sharon RMT

Johnston, Paula RMT

Joseph, Nancy Ph.D.; M.Sc.; B.Sc; Bachelor of Education, BC Provincial Instructor Diploma

Karacay, Omar RMT

Kim, James RMT

Langis, Courtney RMT

Lee, Alicia RMT

Lee, Jaewoong RMT

Makenny, Kelsey RMT

Megyesi, Nicola RMT

Milne, Sara Jayne RMT

Mui, Nick RMT

Nia, Fibie RMT

Patane, Nino RMT

Powell, Cassandra RMT

Robinston, Lisa RMT

Rogers, Davin RMT

Schoepp, Dayna RMT

Scott, Jason RMT

Stonely, Laurelle B.A.; RMT

Tooley, Jennifer RMT

Van Sickle, Amy BHSc;  RMT

Wallace, Marcel MSc; BSc

Wilkins, Braden RMT

Williams, Heather B.A.; M.Ed.

Wong, Richard RMT

Yap, Steven, RMT

Yorke, Hannah RMT

Yu, Calvin RMT

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