Registered Massage Therapy offers flexibility and variety

Registered Massage Therapy offers flexibility and variety

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Sorrel Wall had always had an interest in Anatomy and Physiology, but she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do with her life, other than knowing she loved working with her hands and that being able to choose her own working hours was important to her.

As a child, she recalls finishing knitting projects faster than anyone else in her class, and these days her three-year-old is quick to say “it’s okay, mommy can fix it” if anything gets broken. Sorrel is creative and knew she needed a career that would allow her to work with her hands.

After graduating from SFU with a minor in kinesiology, Sorrel went on to graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2012 and launched her career as a Registered Massage Therapist. She recalls enjoying the camaraderie and supportive environment of WCCMT and says the teachers were phenomenal, she felt very encouraged by their direction and guidance. At the time, life felt rigorous, but she was grateful to feel very well prepared for the board exams and her future life in clinical practice.

After certifying she spent time working in multidisciplinary clinics and enjoyed working closely with other medical professionals while treating a wide variety of patients with varying conditions.

However, when she had children her goals and priorities changed and while still career-driven, she found herself looking for some peace and serenity away from her high-energy toddlers. She moved to a Spa environment with a part-time schedule and was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was able to treat patients and their conditions the same way as she was in the clinical setting. She loved that she could continue to choose her own hours, and work a flexible schedule that allowed her to prioritize her family while still helping people and loving her work.

Sorrel also spent time as a Clinic Instructor and a Teaching Assistant at the West Coast College enjoys the balance of using her head sometimes, and her hands at other times, but smiles as she reminds us that her priorities are spending as much time as possible at home with her little ones while continuing to enjoy a variety of different types of work.

When asked what tips she would give other mothers to balance work, life, and parenthood, she explains that it’s about planning ahead and prioritizing, Registered Massage Therapy offers so much flexibility that how to spend your time is really up to you.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, it is possible to combine your career with your personal commitments and she cannot think of another career that offers the same amount of flexibility.

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