Reflecting on How to Get Through 5 Terms at WCCMT

Reflecting on How to Get Through 5 Terms at WCCMT


Amy Grifal just recently walked across the stage and is on her way to the Board Exams. She balanced school life with family life (husband and child) across her 5 terms at WCCMT New West and is here to reflect on what got her through the last 20 months, including how taking the free Bio Prep course before the program helped her!

What initially drew you to registered massage therapy? 

There was something in me that always nagged at me that this was where I needed to be. I was great with communicating and wanted to heal and help people. I wanted to make an impact and the best way I knew how was with my hands. It’s hard to explain but to me, it was something that I felt in my gut I was meant to do.

How do you think you have evolved now that you’re at the end of term 5? 

I am beyond baffled as to how much I grew as a person and have come to know what I am capable of doing, not just for me but for what I can do for others. I’m glad I came into this program in my 30’s because I have the life experience and maturity to fully take this program on.  It has made me a stronger human being and I feel like I am able to do anything I set my heart to.

Did you have any prior experience in biology before coming into the program? 

I was a C – average student in high school. Science if anything was my weakest subject but now I’m stronger, more curious, and fascinated by it. I truly believe that it’s not so much about what you have as a background but the drive and passion you have to do what you love.

What did you think of free Bio Prep course offered prior to entering the program?

I did both online and onsite Bio Prep. I strongly recommend doing Bio Prep onsite. It’s a great head start into term 1, plus it’s free! We don’t get opportunities given to us like that all the time, it definitely needs to be taken advantage of.

How did you find the online Bio Prep course?

I tried it and I found it really hard, especially since I’m a visual learner. So it was more beneficial for me to be in class in order to understand the content. The RMT program isn’t online so why not learn this in person if you can.

Would you recommend Bio Prep to other prospects? 

Yes! If you truly care about the school you’re getting into and how the learning may feel you should go to bio prep. Why not increase your odds of success in the program? Even if you have a science background, go so you can learn a bit about the teaching style.

What has been your favourite part of the program?

Hands down the clinic Outreaches and the people I got to meet along the way. They help you see what you are in for and test how you are as a therapist. I’m so very grateful for the instructors I got to learn from and watching my own growth has been amazing too.

What would you say your biggest challenge has been? 

Caring for a child of 9 months when I started this program and balancing the different parts of my life. Carrying the weight of doing well for my family and myself was hard to balance at times.

What do you think helped you the most to get through the program? 

All the support from my family. There would be no way I could have done it without them. That also goes for my classmates, they are what helped me get through this. We all helped each other carry this load and we all wanted to see each other get through the program.  They are truly amazing people and I will be forever grateful.

What setting do you want to work in after you graduate? 

Rehabilitation, women/children’s health, pre and postnatal, and scar tissue.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering entering into the program?

It can’t be about the money. Come because you truly want to be here. Being in this profession is about being selfless and being able to serve others for their greater good.  Even if it’s just for 1 hour or 30 min, that one moment that your patient doesn’t need to feel discomfort should be important to you.  Show up, not just physically in class but mentally too!



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