The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit from Massage Therapy. From achy backs to depression, the practice is an effective treatment for people suffering from a number of everyday conditions. These are some of the many different people seek out the services of Registered Massage Therapists:

Office Jockeys

The modern workplace is not conducive to musculoskeletal health. Many studies have shown that people who spend their entire workday sitting at a desk have a higher frequency of neck pain and lower back pain. Massage Therapy can ease the achiness of that deskbound lifestyle, helping employees focus on work instead of their discomfort.

Rec League Champions

Professional athletes aren’t the only people with sore muscles. Massage Therapy is useful for anyone engaged in any level of physical activity, from recreational sports to those going for hikes on the weekend. A good Registered Massage Therapist will allow you to perform your best in any situation, regardless of your level of commitment.   

Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be demanding on the bodies of even the healthiest individuals. That’s why many women rely on Massage Therapy to address the potential pain, depression, and anxiety they experience before, during, and after labour. A Registered Massage Therapist will be attentive to the health needs of the mother and the child, with custom tables and unscented oils that make the experience as comfortable as possible.

The Chronically Ill

From Alzheimer’s to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Massage Therapy can relieve the symptoms associated with a range of chronic medical conditions. In the case of MS, which affects the muscular system, the benefits seem obvious. However, Massage Therapy has also been shown to lessen agitation for patients with neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, which only highlights the many applications of the treatment.

Stress Relieved

Massage Therapy isn’t just good for the body, it’s good for the mind, as well. The practice can reduce cortisol levels and alleviate the physical complaints that accompany everyday stresses and anxieties, making it easier to relax and release the tension at the end of a long day!

Massage Therapy is truly for everyone. There are Registered Massage Therapists who specialize in a wide variety of conditions, so don’t be afraid to reach out and find the RMT who’s right for you!

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