Spirituality and Science in RMT Harmony

Spirituality and Science in RMT Harmony

We spoke with Margot Joy Leviton; a New Westminster Campus graduate from 2005. She has been busy running a practice, and creating her jewelry line.

What made you decide to go into massage therapy?

From an early age I liked to help my friends and family by doing massage on them. My mom used to pay me in pennies to massage her back.  I liked how I could do something for her at such a young age.  From Theatre School to volunteering on Minor League hockey teams, I’ve always had people who liked me to work on them.

I had never thought of doing massage as a career until my mom was going through Cancer.  Her RMT taught a beginners course in basic Swedish Massage and after taking it and seeing how I helped my mom with her pain, I was hooked. I’ve always loved to help people and massage was a wonderful way to do this.


What did you like the most about being at the college?

I really enjoyed our instructors. We had a younger, inspiring and fun group of individuals who loved teaching.

Can you tell us a bit about your current practice and how you got Knowing Hands started?

In 2010, I chose to focus my practice using primarily Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulations. It was also during this time that I decided to change my business name to Knowing Hands. When I took my Intro to Massage class to qualify for the RMT program in 2003, the comment on my evaluation was Margot has “knowing hands”. My mom had always suggested I name my practice this, but it didn’t resonate for me until this moment in time. I treat many different issues, but my present focus and passion is now on concussions, blows to the head, trauma to the tailbone or falls on the tailbone.

What is your favourite thing about being an RMT?

I love being able to help people by facilitating their healing. When I applied for massage school I wrote an entry letter stating that: “I believe if we had more massage and touch in society, we would have less hate and violence”. I still believe this. I believe that what I do contributes to a more loving and peaceful world.

What inspired you to start a jewellery line and what is the purpose behind it? 

I believe in healing in any shape or form and I connect to stones and crystals. I started to have different types of stones and crystals around me and noticed changes. I purchased a few jewellery pieces and saw how my love of stones may get costly. I thought I would just make it myself to save money and be able to design things to my specific liking. I started wearing my pieces and people started asking to buy them. Four years later, SoulStones Jewellery is my second business.

Do you combine your RMT practice and jewelry line?

It’s been an interesting situation for me to be an RMT, which is rooted in Science and Physiology and experience more spiritual aspects of my touch. I don’t use stones or crystals on my patients during my treatments, but for those who inquire, I recommend certain stones to help them clear trapped emotions.

What advice would you give someone who would like to be an RMT?

If you like to work with people, have skilled hands and want to help humanity, being an RMT is a great career path.

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