Massage Means a Life Full of Learning

Massage Means a Life Full of Learning


Kevin Breiter believes in the value of ongoing and thorough education. We spoke to him about his time at WCCMT and what he believes should be the future for the Massage industry.

Which campus did you study at?

New Westminster.

Which courses did you enjoy most? The least?

My favourite courses were neuro-science and OPs. My least favourite courses were…  neuro-science and OPs!

How did your journey lead you to WCCMT?

I was doing several things before i became an RMT; most striking was that I wanted to be an ER nurse. UBC and Douglas College of BC had accepted my initial application. I was assigned a waiting list number in 2001 it was a two year waiting period.

After various construction and trades positions, I had achieved both the required grades and finances to attend. Both UBC and Douglas College lost my applications after the two year waiting period. Soon after, I very literally ran into the New Westminster WCCMT sandwich board sign (BHAM!) on East Columbia (have to keep that head up!). 

I was enrolled within the week. It took me two years and one week to start my journey at WCCMT.


Kevin Breiter quote

What do you love about being an RMT?

Being an RMT is awesome due to our advanced manual skills and medical training. This unique blend of education allows the practitioner to help nearly every stage of humanity (and even animals!). How cool is that!

I can say the manual therapies have always been a loved past time. I was the kid who would treat his family and friends via Massage and TRP release even at a very young age. I just had a knack for it.

My talent turned into a professional career before I knew it; I can say work has never felt like work to me – just awesome feeling!

What advice can you offer to new Massage students and future RMTs?

In my experience, budding RMTs need to know firstly the education. You can’t fake knowledge in your practice. Everyday you have to keep the pedal down on studying and embrace life-long learning. Otherwise it’s all a “poke and hope” event and no one within the Canadian health profession will respect that therapeutic intent.

How do you envision the future of our industry?

Within the therapeutic sports manual medicine profession, I see the future as an advancement in both education and demand. The profession needs to be a five year majors program, that way we RMTs are level with most other professions in the healthcare system.

Demand will increase as science and research continues to demonstrate effects of manual therapeutic medicine. As public opinion drives our profession even high among extended benefit insurance, our future is looking very bright indeed.

What do you think needs improvement in our industry?

The common misconception of alternative healthcare is still that we are uneducated body workers. (I mean no slander to body workers with this example). Without advanced educational programs, other healthcare professionals continue to look down at Massage.

Thanks to Kevin for sharing his insights on the future of massage! Want to share your story? Contact [email protected] to be featured in our blog. As always, WCCMT would love to see you on LinkedIn, our New Westminster Facebook Page or our WCCMT/CCMH Facebook Page so you can stay connected with our community.



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