First Alumni CEU Workshop a Resounding Success

First Alumni CEU Workshop a Resounding Success

img_1194smallerAnother WCCMT first.

On Saturday October 8, 2016, WCCMT provided its first free CEU workshop forWCCMT alumni.

Booked to capacity; our CEU workshop was a resounding success!

Our ground-breaking workshop  was provided by sister school alumni Robert Libbey, RMT who taught at WCCMT from 2001-2008 and who has created a very successful postgraduate career teaching Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques across Canada since 2010.

Robert has a passion for advancing education and encouraging innovation in massage therapy. He has focused that passion on the effective treatment of ligaments and structural alignment and has made many invaluable contributions to the profession img_1212smallerfollowing his heart and his passion.

Robert Libby makes a difference in people’s lives through patient care, education, continuing education and a passion to evolve the profession.

Here is what one of the attendee’s had to say about the event:

“The CEU Workshop was awesome.  I really enjoyed the way Mr.  Libbey presented the material and techniques. It was a fascinating approach to posture that probably will not only change my approach to treating posture, but my approach to all therapeutic interventions moving forward as an RMT.  Thank you WCCMT for providing this amazing service.” – Kevin Thorneloe

A big thank you to Robert Libbey for coming to the college to share his knowledge with our alumni! Want to share your story? Contact [email protected] to be featured in our blog. As always, WCCMT would love to see you on LinkedIn, our New Westminster Facebook Page or our WCCMT/CCMH Facebook Page so you can stay connected with our community. Visit for free newsletters, videos, updated research articles and online training.


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