Studying Massage Therapy in New Westminster

Studying Massage Therapy in New Westminster

Suresh Jayaprakasam WCCMT


In early August, WCCMT hosted Connections 2016, the school’s first-ever career fair. The purpose of the event was to provide a forum for prospective employers and recent graduates and alumni to meet and explore potential employment opportunities within the community. The event was a huge success, and hosted 24 employers in the field.

We spoke with recent WCCMT graduate Suresh Jayaprakasam at Connections 2016 and asked him about his experience studying Massage Therapy and his plans for the future.

Why did you decide to get involved in massage?

I had always been thinking of getting into the healthcare industry. When I came across a Healthcare Assistant program, I thought it was too basic for me. Then I thought about Physiotherapy, but the application process is tough and the waiting period is long. Finally, I found Massage Therapy! It’s a balanced program for me both in affordability and reliability.

What made you choose WCCMT to study massage?

I was very particular – I wanted to be in the best college to get my education. Therefore, before selecting WCCMT, I visited four other colleges in and around Vancouver. I choose WCCMT because their introduction to the program was very clear for a student like me who doesn’t know much about this program. Their description of the admission process was straightforward and I got the chance to talk to a few instructors, who were very knowledgeable. I liked the library at WCCMT, and I’m happy it’s open on weekends. Their location is very close to a major transit system, and they have a good reputation with alumni and current students.

I also got a massage in the student clinic and it was the best!

What do you enjoy most about the program?

I liked the more hands-on training offered by the college. In addition to this, I enjoyed the public clinic and outreach programs. It gave me confidence to handle different populations in different environments. In particular, I liked the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada outreach programs at the college campus.

What are you doing now?

I’m excited to say I recently graduated from the program. I’m currently getting ready for the board exam this September.

What is the benefit for WCCMT to attending job fairs?

The benefits of this job fair is abundant! It exposed me to the job market and what to expect when I get my registration. I got to meet 24 employees at this job fair. If I wanted to meet that many employees in a job hunt, it would take at least a month to book appointments to see and talk to them. However, this job fair brought all the employees to the college campus and gave students the opportunity to talk one-on-one with these potential employers.

Tell us about the WCCMT job fair – what was your role and how was the experience?

From the beginning when they announced the job fair, I was all excited. When I heard that 24 employers were coming I was thrilled to meet them!

I actively participated as a graduating student in the job fair. The experience was valuable because as a new graduate myself (along with my classmates) I didn’t know what to expect in the job market.

To be honest, when I went to the first stall, I didn’t know what to ask them. However, by visiting two more stalls, I got a better idea of what they are looking for and what I should ask them in order to be recruited.

For example, at the first stall, I hardly asked any questions, but by the end of last stall, I barely stopped asking them questions! I asked what type of clients they treat, what the contract is like, will I be able to own the patient file, who are other healthcare professionals in the building, etc.

I learned so many things from the job fair!

What did people seem the most excited about when you spoke to them about WCCMT?

Reputation and the number of years the college has been running this program successfully. So far I have come across approximately 20 RMTs in Vancouver, and they all said they were students of WCCMT. I am privileged to be one in the future!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Suresh! We wish you the best of luck in your future as a Massage Therapist.

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