Oh, the Things We Can Do!

Oh, the Things We Can Do!

WCCMT Testimonials
CCMH/WCCMT takes a great amount of pride in our faculty, students and alumni. We work together to build a strong community that fosters relationship and the common values of passion, commitment and wanting to make a difference in our lives as RMT’s. Each of our campuses strive to provide a well-rounded, exceptional education to future RMT’s, and it’s always wonderful to hear how our students are thriving in the field of Registered Massage Therapy.

We are happy to share our success stories that are really the success stories of our community because each member of the CCMH/WCCMT family played a hand in creating these experiences. Thank you, Scott, Clavia and Harold for sharing your stories.

Spa Struck has been offering services to an upscale clientele for over 14 years in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado. Last year, we began employing graduates of WCCMT and have found them to be very competent in both their interpersonal skills which is so valuable in a spa environment. Because of the success, we are continuing to recruit WCCMT graduates.”

“I highly recommend WCCMT due to the instructors who are highly trained and skilled from diverse medical fields. The standards and quality of education they provide is exceptional. The combination of these two facts made my experience at WCCMT extremely valuable and rewarding.”

  • Clavia Alleyne, RMT – WCCMT Alumni

“Thanks to our training at WCCMT, I’ve been able to start my own business. Right now, we are expanding and we have three clinics in the Victoria area. I’ve travelled to Spain, Portugal and England working with various national teams and various Canadian teams.”

  • Harold Williams, RMT- WCCMT Alumni

We are touched at the recognition and regard that a local business and our students hold for the program. As Clavia mentions, “our instructors are really the backbone of the program – helping to mould RMT’s to work in any field, ranging from medical business to upscale spas like Spa Struck.”

We love hearing how our Massage Therapy program inspired others to follow their entrepreneurial spirit and opened doors to work in different countries, like Harold. Traveling the world is commonplace for our students; we have more than a few others that are happy to share their stories.

We look forward to helping more students on their journeys to their Massage Therapy careers!

WCCMT loves sharing the experiences and success stories of our students and graduates in Toronto, Cambridge, Halifax, Vancouver and Victoria. For more first-hand experiences, you can read other testimonial blogs here. If you would like to share your story, please contact [email protected]

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