New Westminster Brings New Look to Campus

New Westminster Brings New Look to Campus

Changes are happening at WCCMT New Westminster campus, and students will notice a visible difference. In an effort to honor our community, we’ve upgraded the walls with a display paying tribute to our staff, students and alumni in massage.

The walls display black and white photos from WCCMT students past, along with inspirational quotes from icons like Maya Angelou and Nelson Mandela. The biggest excitement was the final installation of the large WCCMT logo and the trademarked “Your Future is in Your Hands”. The logo is visible to anyone that enters from the front entrance on the first floor of the WCCMT campus. Each item was carefully selected by Liz Burdeny and the whole WCCMT New Westminster team with the hopes that the new look will encompass a feeling of warmth while also showcasing the hard work of everyone’s team efforts and passion for Massage Therapy.

Check out some of the displays we have so far:

WCCMT New Westminster Campus New Look


The front wall had limited access, but with some careful planning and a team effort, we were able complete it, for a warm welcome to students and alumni entering the building.



WCCMT New Westminster Campus New Look


An inspirational quote for Carl Sagan accompanies pictures of past students working together at WCCMT New Westminster.




WCCMT New Westminster Campus New Look


Nelson Mandela was a man filled with inspirational words and ideas of how a community can grow together. We’d like to focus that same energy with our WCCMT New Westminster family.



WCCMT New Westminster Campus New Look


An H. Jackson Brown, Jr. quote is displayed next to a photo of a WCCMT alumni giving a massage, capturing the healing power of hands.




WCCMT New Westminster Campus New Look


Along a staircase, we highlight a quote from Malcolm X that encompasses the spirit of education and the bright future we hope it brings to our students.






WCCMT New Westminster has so much to be proud of, and this display recognizes our accomplishments. Along with our ongoing community outreaches, upcoming student initiatives and other courses, these walls will act as reminder of how far we’ve come and how much we have achieved.

What do you think of the new displays at WCCMT New Westminster? To share your thoughts or give suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]


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