WCCMT New Westminster Campus Year 2015 in Review

WCCMT New Westminster Campus Year 2015 in Review

At WCCMT New Westminster, we were able to interview several inspirational students, faculty and alumni. With the year coming to a close, we’d like to take a moment to review some of the highlights:

In Rosemary Forst’s blog, we learned that the journey to massage can be an unexpected but rewarding path. She began learning about massage in Hawaii, where she completed a 700-hour course, then returned to Canada where she found that she needed a license in order to practice massage therapy. After attending several different schools, Rosemary found that enjoyed the vibe of WCCMT best and graduated as valedictorian, and is quickly becoming a recognized healthcare professional in the West Coast.

However, sometimes the path to massage can bring you back to where you began, as we found out in Kristen Burrow’s blog. Kristen found her passion for massage very early in life and started studying right after high school, when she moved in with her father to help him with his multiple sclerosis. He received massages from WCCMT, where she decided she wanted to attend for school. She is currently a teacher’s assistant for two classes, working with clients who have multiple sclerosis and bringing her experience full circle to what initially interested her in massage therapy.

We also had WCCMT alum, Adryon Hutton, share some advice to new massage therapy graduates. In her blog, she covers some great points including the importance to constantly keep learning, effective communication with patience and to nurture the excitement of you field.

We’ve learned so much from our students, faculty and alumni, and are thrilled to continue providing you with more insights and experiences from the College of Massage Community. Remember to keep in touch with us by following us on Facebook, Twitter and liking our page on LinkedIn.

Do you have a story that you’d like to share about massage? Then contact us at [email protected].

Teaching at WCCMT
Teaching at WCCMT

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