Great Things Happen at WCCMT on Soup Day!

Great Things Happen at WCCMT on Soup Day!

soup2While we were busy trying to determine which of the three choices of delicious soup were the best (The Thai Curry won hands down!) an elderly gentleman, from outside the campus, walked in the front door and proceeded towards us all partaking in joyous soup-slurping.

He explained that he had fallen down the day before on a sidewalk and was assisted by students from WCCMT, both with first-aid and with an abundance of kindness. The gentleman was so impressed that he had returned to the college to seek out the students who had helped him and to thank them in person for their attention.

We soon found out they are Mike Calder & Elena Leonidas, in Term 5!


We wanted to share this with everyone and to express how very impressed we are with Mike Calder and Elena Leonidas. Both have represented WCCMT in the best way possible – by helping someone in need! They demonstrated, not only to us all, but to the community of New Westminster how compassionate, skilled, professional and altruistic our students are.

Way to go Mike and Elena! On behalf of Faculty and Admin – you rock!
More photos from Soup Day at WCCMT:

soupday collage

Michelle Falgate

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