FROM RMTtoBE to RMT: Lifetime Resources & Services for Alumni

FROM RMTtoBE to RMT: Lifetime Resources & Services for Alumni

studying-703002_1280The years you spend as a RMTtoBE at the College of MASSAGE will create a lifetime of memories and learning. While here, you gain the practical skills and academic knowledge required for clinical practice, you make important industry connections and you meet valuable friends. Your relationship with the College continues long after graduation with a whole new set of tools that guide you towards success in your career as a RMT.

Our community of Alumni is very important to us and we’re proud to provide graduates with ongoing services and resources that are aimed to be relevant to what’s needed in the industry and valuable in furthering the careers of RMTs. Included in the resources we offer, are the online mock exam, CEU courses, the Alumni CEU Partnership Program, and Career Tools.

Mock Board Exam

Offered free of charge to our Alumni, our mock board exam has proven to be very effective in preparing graduates for their registration exams. The College of Massage has worked hard to develop this tool and has invested a substantial amount of funds and time into ensuring its success. The mock exam is launched bi-annually two to three months prior to the actual Board Exams, which gives graduates plenty of time to practice and prepare. To learn more about the mock board exam tool, please visit

CEU courses

Within our colleges, RMTs and other healthcare practitioners host a number of courses and workshops throughout the year. Alumni can find great value in participating in these events as they aid in further developing clinical skills and knowledge as well as offer opportunities for career advancement. Most courses hosted at our Colleges also assist Alumni in reaching the Continuing Education Units required for licensing renewal.

CEU Partnership Program

In addition to having these courses available at our colleges, we also offer Alumni support in hosting their own CEU workshops. This gives Alumni an opportunity to share their knowledge on a specific subject while earning extra income. A 20% discount is offered to our Graduates for the rental of the facility and assistance with marketing and promotion is also available as part of the offered package.

Career Tools

Because the majority of RMTs currently in practice are from The College of Massage, you’ll likely have a greater chance of finding employment as a College of Massage graduate. Many employers specifically seek out our Alumni for their clinics and wellness centers and often contact us to assist them in posting available positions. The online job board has been created to give employers a place to post their positions, and is offered at no charge to them in order to maximize the opportunities available for our Alumni.

In addition to this, the College of Massage is constantly seeking talent to add to our team of instructors and offer our graduates an extensive training program to aid in the development of instructional skills.

To further help you in your career, we also offer ongoing opportunities to be featured in our blog or on our social media pages. This provides graduates with a chance to promote themselves and connect with our national network of industry connections.

If you are a College of MASSAGE graduate, we want to hear from you! Do you have any suggestions as to how we can further support you? Would you like to be featured in our social media initiative? Leave your comments on our Facebook page or email [email protected].

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