The Role of Community in Quality Education

The Role of Community in Quality Education

BBQ2One of our main goals at WCCMT/CCMH is to develop a warm and caring professional community. This goal plays a large role in our mission, as we believe quality education is not only in the materials we teach, and how it is being delivered, but is also in what is being done to support learning. For us, this includes the community and the environment that we create for our students.

For most of our colleges throughout the country, educational support comes in many forms: from the biology prep courses we offer prior to starting the program and the tutorials accessible on a continuing basis, to the guidance offered through our Buddy System. In addition to these tools, WCCMT/CCMH strives to create an environment that is truly student-centred. One where instructors, administrators and other staff members work together to promote camaraderie, boost morale, and create a ‘family feel’.

BBQ6“We want our students to feel like this is their second home, and to know that they can be comfortable here. We’ve found that by doing this, students are better able to feel at ease and focus on what’s most important- learning,” says Pia Baltazar, of WCCMT Student Services. “We are pleased to see the community that has been built within our student body and that they can support and rely on one another in the same way they can with their instructors. One way we’ve been able to achieve this is through the many morale-building events we host for our students at each of our campuses.”

Whether in Ontario, Nova Scotia or British Columbia, you can find our faculty and students participating in events and contests several times a year. Our colleges not only celebrate special occasions as a community, but generally also have at least one additional event per semester.

There’s Halloween costume contests, pizza days, chilli Days, ice cream IMG_0151days, limerick writing contests, Easter egg hunts, and Christmas tree decorating to name a few. In addition, one of the most popular events at our WCCMT New West campus is the Stress Buster BBQ where we cook up some real fun with delicious food, games and prizes!

“Because we know how tough the program is, and how hard students work, we want to, as much as possible, provide some fun experiences for them,” says Pia “This lets students know how much we care about them and that we are here to support them in their journey towards becoming RMTs”.

As some of the longest standing Massage Therapy colleges in the country, we pride ourselves on providing the best education in our field. Further, WCCMT/CCMH’s quality education is a combination of the curriculum we’ve developed, the people we’ve selected to teach this curriculum, the techniques we use to teach it, and what we do to achieve the optimal learning environment.

What is your definition of ‘Quality Education’? Does Community play a role in it as it does for WCCMT/CCMH? Please leave your comments on our Facebook page or send your story to [email protected].

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