RMT & Educator: 2 Careers in 1 at WCCMT/CCMH

RMT & Educator: 2 Careers in 1 at WCCMT/CCMH

RMT + Educator

Why limit yourself to only one occupation? Why not choose an avenue that could enable you to have two careers in one? Unlike many other career options where a diploma will only land you in one profession – at WCCMT/CCMH there exists an exceptional opportunity of working in two occupations at once.

Like Erika Kosarko and Steve Richtaritsch, many of the faculty at WCCMT/CCMH are also practicing RMTs who work part-time in clinics. These individuals are both healthcare professionals and educators, which means they not only help people in need of rehabilitation and relaxation, but also expand the minds of students with their knowledge and experience. What could be more fulfilling?

So what does it take to become a RMT + Instructor?

We agree that teaching may not be for everyone, but those who possess the skills and the passion required to be an educator would surely appreciate the option we provide qualified RMTs.

To give an overview of what it looks like to become an instructor at our college, I asked Nadia Baran to explain the process. Nadia is the Director of Operations at our New West Campus, and she stated that “The first step involves, of course, becoming a registered massage therapist. You must earn a Diploma in Massage Therapy and pass the licensure exam. Next, the individual would become an active registrant of the CMTBC (or any other provincial association), be in good standing and would need 2500 hours of clinical experience in order to be introduced to classroom instruction as a teaching assistant” Nadia adds that “ it is also important that prospective teaching assistants have strong interpersonal skills, a positive attitude and the ability to inspire and motivate students.”

WCCMT has also developed an Online Instructor Development program which assists teaching assistants and instructors in developing the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to become effective instructors and educators. Faculty members are required to participate in at minimum one Online Instructor Development course/module per instructional year.

If you’ve been considering either a new career path or are already a RMT looking to add to your skills, you may want to think of becoming a RMT + Educator. This avenue would mean working in two professions at once. With your diploma in massage therapy, you would already be exposed to a vast variety of areas you can work, such as within multi-disciplinary clinics, spas and resorts around the world, or within your own private practice. In addition, you could help patients with disabilities and illnesses, pre and post-natal mothers, or athletes. Now, with the extra option of becoming an educator, you could potentially hold one of the most versatile diplomas out there!

A special thank-you to our Director Nadia Baran for sharing the process involved in becoming an instructor. If you would like to learn more about the RMT program, visit our Programs page. 

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