First and Second Careers: Making the Switch from Criminology to Massage Therapy

First and Second Careers: Making the Switch from Criminology to Massage Therapy

A Q&A with Student Nick Mui


Nick Mui is a term 1 student that came to our New West Campus with a degree in Criminology. Prior to coming to the College of Massage, Nick worked two years in a law firm as a legal assistant. We were curious to know more about Nick’s background and why he was inspired to switch careers to become a RMT. Recently, we asked Nick to answer a few questions regarding his first and second career choices and are pleased to have the opportunity of sharing his valuable answers with you in this insightful Q&A.

1. What did you enjoy and not enjoy about your previous career? 

In my career as a legal assistant, I enjoyed the satisfactory feeling of finishing a file and being able to help my clients. I did not, however, enjoy sitting in front of a computer and doing paper work 8 hours a day, this simply did not suit me.

2. What was the final determining factor that it was time to look into a new career?

When every day felt more and more like a routine, and I began to feel bored of my tasks.

3. What made you decide to get into massage therapy?10906313_10152557372512073_1250204490203516595_n

I have a friend who also graduated from WCCMT. When I told him that I wanted to be in an industry where I would be directly helping out people/clients, he indicated that RMT would be a good fit for me. He suggested I attend the Intro weekend course to try it out for myself. It was after experiencing this course at WCCMT that I instantly fell in love with the program and the profession.

4. What made you decide to come to WCCMT?

I came to WCCMT because of the exceptionally helpful experience I had with Liz, the Admissions Coordinator. Liz did everything in her power to make sure that I would be able to have my paper work handed in on time and helped me throughout the entire admissions process. A few other reasons I chose WCCMT would be its positive reputation, and the fact that I knew someone who graduated from WCCMT and is doing exceptionally well as an RMT now.

5. How are you finding the program so far?

The program is definitely intensive and requires many hours of hard work and study. However, my classmates and the friendly ‘upper’ terms definitely help make the learning experience much more enjoyable!

6. What excites you the most about having a career in massage therapy?

It excites me that one day my hard work and effort at school will provide me with the knowledge and skills I need to be able to help people.

7. Do you think you made a good decision with your second career? If so how?

Yes, I definitely believe I made a good decision with my second career because I feel that becoming a RMT will be much better fit for me than the office job I had previously. I enjoy working with people and I look forward to seeing people improve directly from my help.

10373991_10152476315397073_1113019673994281841_n8. What are your future plans in this career?

Because I am passionate about caring for babies, I would like to work at a clinic focusing or specializing in infant massages in the future. I would also like to continue my education and hopefully become an instructor at WCCMT one day.


Thanks to Nick for taking the time to answer our questions and for welcoming the opportunity of sharing your story with other students, faculty and alumni. We are pleased to have such motivated and enthusiastic individuals like you as part of our student body and look forward to further seeing you succeed in the RMT program! If you want to share your story in the blog, contact [email protected]

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