“Whatever Obstacles Come Up, Push Through!”

“Whatever Obstacles Come Up, Push Through!”


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The Success Story of WCCMT Alumni and Business Owner, Jassy Iverson

“Whatever Obstacles Come Up, Push Through!” These six words sum up nearly a lifetime of experience and collectively act as a powerful message of resilience, determination and dedication: the virtues clearly exhibited by Jassy Iverson, accomplished RMT and WCCMT graduate.

As a WCCMT Alumni, Jassy exemplifies many characteristics of what we wish for all our students. She runs her own successful practice; she carries an optimistic outlook, and has such a strong desire to continually develop as an RMT.  Jassy’s past has greatly contributed to her success today, in many ways because of the remarkable 26 years she spent in the army. She learned to take measurable risks, to be pro-active and to be completely devoted to a given task.

In addition to the development of these abilities, Jassy’s experiences led her to find a ‘niche’: detoxification, immune boosting and relaxation using Infrared sauna. While serving in a country where her immune system was compromised, Jassy developed an Auto-Immune deficiency called Sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is the growth of inflammatory cells that form in tiny collections throughout the body.  While Jassy found this condition greatly uncomfortable, she managed to stay overseas. Upon returning to Canada, she wanted to venture into a new field. She decided to explore what her mom had always told her to become: an RMT.  And so, Jassy chose to come to WCCMT.

It was here that she did her first case study on Sarcoidosis of the lungs and the use of the infrared sauna. While researching, she learnt of the many advantages, including: assisting with promoting and maintaining lung capacity, assisting with skin conditions; the removal of toxins; and other immune benefits. She began going into infrared saunas herself and felt that it drastically improved her Sarcoidosis while providing relaxation. Jassy knew then that this was something she wanted to later integrate into her RMT practice.

Upon graduating from WCCMT in 2007, Jassy worked in clinics and spas before SWW 611 Agnes Street 2
starting her own company, Sweet Water Wellness. While working in these established clinics, Jassy found that she had great success and that her genuine desire to help her patients was transpiring into positive outcomes. She also noticed a strong ability to take initiative and go over and beyond to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinics. Jassy quickly realized that she was ready to focus all her efforts into Sweet Water Wellness. “I knew I needed to start somewhere, to start off small and work towards my goal, one step at a time” Jassy explained, “and so I did just that”.

Jassy started off in a small space and purchased her first infrared sauna. She offered her clients the infrared sauna prior to massage sessions. This proved to set the tone, relaxing their muscles and their spirits prior to treatments among other notable benefits.  It was no surprise that her client base grew and she has since moved twice into larger locations. Sweet Water Wellness now features a reception area, 4 massage rooms, a remedial exercise room and a room containing her infrared sauna. She also works with another Message Therapist and employs a receptionist.

As Jassy’s practice is now thriving, she hopes that 2015 will be a year of growth, and a year to broaden her services. As one of the few Wellness Centers to offer Infrared sauna in combination with RMT, she looks SWW 611 Agnes Street RemEx Roomforward to utilizing her newly assembled remedial room for Rehabilitative Therapeutic Exercise (Therex). This will make for a very unique combination of services that will appeal to multiple clients. Jassy also hopes to find two massage therapists that are motivated by the opportunities her clinic offers. To the right massage therapists, Jassy offers a great place to gain experience while building a sustainable practice, a flexible schedule, competitive rates, a receptionist, and most of all: her experience, knowledge and guidance.

At WCCMT, we highly value our students and strive to build a community of Alumni. We are proud to see strong leaders like Jassy in our community and are thankful to have had the opportunity of sharing her inspirational story.  Jassy, we wish you all the best in your business endeavours and look forward to further connecting with you.

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