Victoria is known for its lush gardens and vast green spaces; it’s the Cycling Capital of Canada and is nicknamed the ‘City of Gardens’.  With inspiration all around, it’s no surprise that our Victoria Campus has so many students and faculty members that are Keen on being ‘green’.  Motivated by their passion for health and wellness, many of our community members are committed to “green” practices inside and outside of school.

This month, as we mark the beginning of a new year, the WCCMT Victoria campus shared how they implement green initiatives into their everyday lives. We discovered that their support for the environment is mainly related to transportation, eating and reading.

At our Victoria campus, and across the nation in College of Massage locations, it is becoming increasingly popular to use green modes of transportation. More and more people are opting for alternatives to driving their own vehicles, and for a good reason. Alternative options are more economical, are convenient, and offer social opportunities. Our Victoria students and staff are definitely seeing these advantages as many bike, walk, carpool or bus to school. Those who walk or bike note that it does not cost anything, offers multiple health benefits and can be done in the company of friends. Carpooling and using public transit are equally as popular within the campus as they cost less than driving alone and again offer a chance to socialize.


Another way students and faculty are showing their commitment is by growing their own vegetable gardens.  Home gardens provide vegetables that are packed with flavour and nutrition, are less expensive, and can be a lot of fun!

The last main ‘green’ initiative from our Victoria campus is in relation to reading. Books use a lot of paper, and, if you are a book lover, you’ll agree that many times you’ll read one book to later see it sit on a shelf year after year. Some of the students have opted for e-books instead of paper books for this reason. They’re a great way to give up paper without giving up a hobby. E-books are very easy to find and practically all the new books you see in Chapters or Coles are available in an e-book version. So next time you reach for a book, ask yourself, ‘can’t I be reading this on my computer, tablet or e-reader?’

There you have it- the green initiatives from those at our campus located in the City of Gardens. We are excited to see great success over the course of the 2015 school year, and beyond! Are you keen on being green? What ‘green’ things do you do on a daily or weekly basis? Share your green tips on Facebook or Twitter!


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