Looking Forward to a New Career in 2015

Looking Forward to a New Career in 2015

Doina Pislari and  Lei Zhu have a lot to look forward to in 2015. They both graduated this December, and are ready and eager to take on their RMT careers.

Lei is most looking forward to being able to utilize the knowledge and skills she spent two years building at WCCMT in the actual world, outside of the safety and supervision of the student clinic with an instructor nearby.photo 1

Leaving school will also give Lei an opportunity to work more with related healthcare providers like physiotherapists, chiropractors, and naturopaths, to help clients achieve better overall health through multiple techniques and measures.

As she looks forward , past the upcoming board exams, and into 2015, she’d like to see more RMTs, herself included, working in a hospital environment, with other medical professionals.

Barely out of the classroom, Doina is already looking at getting back in one, learning new skills and techniques beyond those taught in a typical massage therapy program, namely to get her MLD certification.

Doina plans to start work in a multidisciplinary clinic in 2015, as she’s well aware that one of the perks of working in these clinics is the opportunity for cross-referrals from other professionals in the office, allowing a new graduate to quickly build up a solid client base in a few months. Another perk of having co-workers with diverse backgrounds is the ability to learn from each other, and really gain a respect for related practices, as well as continuing to build respect and awareness of massage therapy treatments.

She is also considering a move outside of the lower mainland for the right job and environment. While there are still plenty of opportunities locally, there’s a real shortage of massage therapists in many places outside of the lower mainland. Even a new practitioner can quickly find themselves booked solid. Wherever she ends up, she wants to feel like she’s making a difference for her patients.

2015 looks to be an exciting year for all of our December graduates, and we’re proud to watch them launch their careers and become leaders in the RMT community.

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