SOS Children’s Village Visits Campus

SOS Children’s Village Visits Campus

WCCMT opened their campus to representatives from SOS Children’s Village this week.

20141125_123218From Tuesday through Friday afternoons, representatives from SOS will be on hand to collect donations and tell students more about their work, collecting cash donations to send a Christmas present to a child in need.

A $10 donation puts a toy in their basket, and for a $15 donation students can enter a raffle to win a $100 cash prize at the end of the week.

WCCMT student, Shruthi Maria Mathews organized the event on campus, after meeting organizers though her previous career as a social worker.

“The people at SOS are really friendly, they want to help people,” she said, noting that the organization had a worldwide reach.

“We just want to get kids opening gifts on Christmas day, they don’t have anything else.”

This is only the beginning of her work with SOS. Shruthi’s goal for next year is to send one student to high school, which requires almost $10,000 in funding.

SOS Children’s Village Facts

SOS Children’s Villages i s an international, non-governmental organisation that works with children without parental care and families in difficult living conditions.

  • Currently, there are 2,187 SOS Children’s Village facilities world-wide, including:
  • 559 SOS Children’s Villages and some 400 youth facilities for over 80, 000 children and young people
  • 614 SOS Social Centres and family strengthening programmes for some 430,000 children and adults
  • 242 SOS Kindergartens, 105 SOS Vocational Training Centres for more than 158,000
  • children, teenagers and young adults
  • 80 SOS Medical Centres providing over 455,000 treatments per year

You can donate at WCCMT from now until Friday afternoon, or donate online at

Connect on Twitter @SOSBCVillage and Facebook.


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