Introducing our RMT Fast Track Program

Introducing our RMT Fast Track Program

We’re very excited to launch a new initiative here at WCCMT: A Fast Track Program for graduates with Kinesiology or Athletic Therapy degrees.

We see plenty of these students who want to continue their education and use their skills sets to pursue an RMT career, and we want to assist them by making this as accessible as possible.

We’ve reviewed typical course loads for both Athletic Therapy and Kinesiology students, and have awarded block transfer credits where we believe they already possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.

The revised programs are still 20 months long, but a lighter course load allows students to continue working in their previous career while they study.

Find out more about each program below, and contact our Admissions department ([email protected] or 604 520 1844 ext 232) for more information on how we can help you fast-track your RMT education.
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