Halloween at WCCMT

Halloween at WCCMT

Our students were in the Halloween spirit this week, somehow finding time to carve pumpkins and put together an amazing collection of costumes between exam prep.

First up, our winning pumpkins:

Pumpkin 1 pumpkin2




Our winning carver:IMG_0110

In addition, we have five prize winners in our campus wide costume contest:

First Place: Beauty and the Beast by Chris Basaran & Darya Marchenko (Term 4)

IMG_0169Second Placers:

Taylor Laviolette by Carlos Becerra (Term 3)

IMG_0157Leeloo (Fifth Element) by Aisha Kelly (Term 1)

IMG_0137Nick Schwagele and Geordie Yang (Everyone’s favorite Justin Timberlake SNL skit ) (Term 1)

IMG_0147Third Place: Operation by Jeff White (Term 1)


Check out what the rest of our creative group of future RMTs got up to:

IMG_0167 IMG_0174 IMG_0164 IMG_0160 IMG_0143 IMG_0152    IMG_0145 IMG_0118IMG_0115IMG_0140

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