How Aging Boomers Are Changing Healthcare

How Aging Boomers Are Changing Healthcare

How aging Boomers are changing Healthcare

Working in the healthcare industry is ever changing with new technology, the discovery of cures and medications and research that makes new advances everyday. However, one of the greatest influences you will see as a healthcare provider is the increase in aging boomers and how they will affect healthcare. We are all living longer which means you will see a growing number of patients with chronic conditions. These chronic conditions will lead to a growing demand for treatments such as massage therapy, chiropractic treatments and physiotherapy as many of these conditions will result in chronic pain such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and joint pain.

Startling Statistics

By 2030 we will see the amount of people over 65 triple. As these people age they will begin to develop chronic conditions that will put a huge demand on the healthcare system. This makes careers in the healthcare industry an excellent choice, but will also create potential issues if the number of healthcare providers does not grow with the boomers. It is estimated that by 2030 six out of ten boomers will have more than one chronic condition as well as face issues such as obesity. The need for more surgical procedures such as knee replacements will also increase. Here are a few more numbers to consider:

  • There will be eight more times the amount of knee surgeries performed
  • There will be more than 21 million boomers at unsafe weights
  • There will be more than 14 million boomers with diabetes
  • There will be more than 26 million boomers with arthritis

Arthritis and Alternative Treatments

As we all enjoy longer lives, we will also experience more conditions that lead to chronic pain such as arthritis. This will mean more treatments such as massage therapy will grow in demand as people seek ways to manage chronic pain. Boomers will have higher expectations for pain management as well as more money to spend on alternative treatments not covered by health insurance. That will mean a higher demand for healthcare providers such as RMT’s, physiotherapists and chiropractors. Patients will seek a team of complementary healthcare providers to provide more personalized treatments to meet the specific needs of individuals who wish to maintain their mobility in order to lead more fulfilling lives.

Massage Benefits for Seniors

Even today more and more seniors are beginning to understand the benefits of alternative medicines including massage. As therapies such as massage are becoming more accepted as a valid medical treatment, seniors are more open to seeking therapy to assist in pain management as well as other health conditions. The benefits are many for seniors including:

  • The reduction and management of pain for conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, joint pain and pain from injuries such as falls
  • Improved circulation including positive effect on vasculature, release of vasodilators and the natural thinning of the blood
  • Improvement in the respiratory system including the removal of mucous
  • A reduction in the frequency of asthma attacks
  • Tactile stimulation and human touch aiding with depression

An aging population opens the doors for more healthcare providers to seek and find fulfilling careers that will grow in demand by 2030.




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