Appropriate Dress is Key to Applying Effective Massage

Appropriate Dress is Key to Applying Effective Massage

As an RMT you want to present yourself in a professional manner as well as be comfortable during your sessions. Proper clothing is a very important aspect of being able to apply effective massage for your patients as you will not only appear capable but feel comfortable throughout the day.

Professional Attire You want to dress in a manner that will reflect your background and training. Choosing a uniform that is professional and reflects the atmosphere of your employer is very important. There are many styles of uniforms available and not all of them are created equal. You want to be certain that the style and quality suits the clinic or spa and will make it clear you are a medical professional. For example, if you are working with moms and kids a more whimsical colour or pattern might work, but in an upscale spa an elegant black or white designer uniform will be better suited. In general, neutral colours are safer and if you leave one clinic for another you won’t have to buy and entirely new wardrobe. If you provide massages in your own home or travel to the homes of your patients than professionalism is even more important to send the right message. Avoid crop tops, low cleavage and wear clothes that will hide tattoos. This will ensure people won’t make judgements on your lifestyle or have any unusual expectations when they meet you.

Comfort You have to be comfortable when providing a massage. If you work in a clinic or spa where you find you are often too warm or cold, dress accordingly. As well choose a fabric that will help avoid sweating such as natural cottons. Synthetic materials can be raspy as well as hold onto unpleasant odours even when washed. Choose something loose enough to allow you the movement you need without appearing too baggy. Baggy clothes look unprofessional and are also not very flattering to any figure.

Shoes You know you will be standing for the majority of the day so look for shoes that will provide the support you need to avoid aching, tired feet. As well look for shoes that breathe and that will keep your feet from sweating which can lead to uncomfortable rashes and odour.

Accessories Be careful of the accessories you select and when in doubt leave them out. Be especially conscious of items such as bracelets that can brush up against the client or make distracting noises, as well as large chunky rings. In fact, rings can be a source of bacteria and it is important to sanitize them when you wash your hands if you plan to wear them during the massage. Basically you do not want to have anything that will take away from your patients’ experience. Keep in mind that multiple piercings can be intimidating to many people and avoid wearing an overly large amount of facial jewellery that might frighten patients. Consider perfume an accessory and avoid it. Many people suffer from allergies and can even get migraines from the lightest perfumes.

Clean and Fresh Make sure you use a professional cleaning service for your uniforms or at the least be certain they are washed and ironed regularly. A fresh uniform is a must in the health industry. Throw away any uniforms that are stained or that begin to fade from wear. All of these details might be noticed by a patient and send the wrong message. Cleanliness is very important in the healthcare industry, even when you are providing massage treatments in a spa setting.

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