Clinical Practicum

Clinical Practicum


Clinical Practicum includes 330 hours of direct and in-direct hands-on experience. These hours are accumulated within the student intern clinic, community clinics (including special events), and training/ orientation.

After successfully completing the first Term of the program, students begin to gain the valuable hands-on experience provided in Clinical Practicum by treating general members of the public both on and off campus. Throughout their time in the program, students are given the opportunity to gain the benefits of integrating their clinical skills with their practical and academic studies providing care for different groups, organizations, companies and specialized populations within the community under the mentorship and supervision of a Massage Therapist.


To participate in the Student Intern Clinic or Outreach Program, students are required to hold a valid First Aid/CPR Certificate (minimum level – Standard C/HCP).

All knowledge & skills learned in class are used and applied within the Clinic Practicum, therefore, one of the evaluation criteria qualifying a student to successfully complete a Clinical Practicum Term Module is the requirement of the successful completion of all in-class courses within the same term.

*Note that for those students who complete the 3-Year Blended Program, the Clinical Practicum component is completed during the 16-months spent onsite, during the practical learning portion of the program.