Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisite Requirements

If you have any questions regarding prerequisites or equivalencies affecting your eligibility to apply for the program, or inquiries regarding admission issues please contact:

Admissions at 902-484-0158  or via email at [email protected]


1. High School Certificate or Diploma
You must at a minimum have a high school diploma, or equivalent.  Applicants who do not have a Grade 12 diploma or equivalent must write and pass the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam administered by the college.

*High School Equivalents for the purposes of admission requirements are:

  • A secondary school graduation diploma from another Canadian province or territory or from the United States.
  • A General Education Development (GED) certificate issued by a Canadian province or territory or from the United States.
  • A transcript, diploma or certificate from another country, assessed at a Nova Scotia secondary school diploma level by a recognized assessment service.
  • A Canadian or U.S. postsecondary diploma or degree.
  • A non-Canadian postsecondary diploma or degree that has been assessed as equivalent to a Canadian postsecondary diploma or degree by a recognized assessment service.
  • A certificate of completion for an academic upgrading program from any Canadian jurisdiction that is accepted by a Nova Scotia College of Applied Arts and Technology for entry into a Nova Scotia postsecondary program.
  • A Certificate of Apprenticeship or Certificate of Qualification in any trade from any Canadian jurisdiction.

2. Language Skills
If English is not your first language and you have not completed school in North America, you will be required to fulfill our Language Assessment Proficiency Policy:

  • Successfully undertake an English proficiency test. See here for more details.
  • Complete formal education in an approved English language school which offers a program of study.
  • 3 years full time study at the secondary or college level in a country where English is an official language or language of common usage.


3. Introduction to Massage (IMT) Weekend Course 

All applicants must successfully complete an Introduction to Massage Therapy (IMT) course of a minimum of 14 hours in duration as a prerequisite to our Massage Therapy program.

CCMH offers an IMT course at various times throughout the year. The course is practical and hands-on. For more information about enrollment, dates, and fees, please click here.

4. Medical Terminology & Body Systems Course (MTBS) 

Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete a medical terminology and/or a basic human biology course of a minimum of 35 hours in duration. As a service to our student applicants, CCMH offers an online Medical Terminology & Body Systems course free of charge.

This course is optional, but highly recommended to prepare students for the science component of the Massage Therapy Diploma Program. By introducing students to anatomical, physiological, and pathological terms, a foundational understanding of the common language used by healthcare professionals is developed. The MTBS course should be completed before the first day of classes. During this time period, students complete the course, quizzes and exams at their own pace. Students with prior human anatomy education need not take this course.

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