Looking for Excellence: Samantha’s Story

Looking for Excellence: Samantha’s Story

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At CCMH we are proud to provide a comprehensive curriculum with outstanding professional preparation for our student to have the necessary skills to be successful in their careers.

We are always curious about how and why our students chose to start on their path to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist, what their experiences have been so far, and what advice they have for those considering the program.

We sat down with Samantha Bronson, a current student at CCMH Halifax, to get her story and perspective as a student at CCMH and what her plans are after she graduates.

Hi Samantha! Tell us about yourself. Which CCMH campus are you at right now?

I am an Aboriginal Inuit woman currently attending CCMH at the Halifax campus. In the summer of 2017, I relocated from a small town named Goose Bay, located centrally in Labrador. I have been fortunate in having my spouse and his family join me in the move, and we reside within a half-hour walking distance from the campus.

That’s quite the move! What made you decide to attend CCMH?

Prior to deciding on CCMH, I researched various Massage Therapy schools, both within and outside of my home province. I chose CCMH not only because of its comprehensive reputation, but also because I enjoy the city of Halifax and the surrounding areas. Additionally, Nova Scotia is close to my home province and thus, travel to and from my hometown during the summer months is financially feasible.

Most importantly, however, Massage Therapy in Newfoundland and Labrador is a regulated profession that requires both extensive work experience and the successful completion of a board examination. I plan to practice Massage Therapy within my home province and to do so, I chose CCMH to gain effective practical experience and knowledge in order to become a registered Massage Therapist.

Well, we’re glad you chose CCMH! We’re proud to be offer the education and experience you need to be able to practice Massage Therapy where and when you’d like. There are many different reasons our students and alumni have decided on Massage Therapy, what made you want to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist?

As a Massage Therapist, I will be able to help individuals live their lives by reducing pain, stiffness, inflammation, and more caused by injury and/or disease. Many individuals I personally know are affected by disorders, diseases, and injuries that can be treated by various Massage and Hydrotherapy techniques. Additionally, upon receiving registration with the governing body within my province, I will become an entrepreneur when I establish my own practice. This will allow me to provide modes of treatment that are not readily available to my community and it will allow me to travel to the isolated communities along the Northern Coast of Labrador to provide Massage Therapy treatments to individuals who otherwise would not have access to such services.

It sounds like you have a really great plan for your future as a Massage Therapist! Speaking of planning, do you have any study habits or work regiments you like to share?

Though there is often a high-workload both inside and out of the classroom, I find it necessary to receive plenty of rest and recovery whenever possible. When beginning my studies, flash cards were greatly beneficial in allowing me to retain a substantial amount of novel information. Though studying may seem like a solitary activity, it has been greatly beneficial for me to study with my spouse, as having a highly-objective individual offering constructive criticism has forced me to recognize my weaknesses and strengths and to consistently improve.

That’s really great advice, what other tips do you have for current or prospective students at CCMH?

Far too often, students lose sight of their goals and instead, they become preoccupied with insignificant daily interactions and activities that fail to relate to improving their skills and knowledge. It is imperative to consistently review the lecture notes and to practice new techniques on willing friends and family. Unfortunately, it is common for students to fall behind with their work and as a result, when the next test is to be written or oral practical examination performed, there is not enough time to effectively memorize and understand the material. It is also important for students to take advantage of the fact that their instructors have many years of experience within the field and that they are willing to answer questions and to explain difficult concepts. Finally, while consistently studying and practicing is important, it is equally important for students to plan for time with their friends, family and themselves in order to remain in good mental health.

Thank you so much Samantha! We are so thankful for your advice and look forward to giving you education and support necessary to achieving your professional goals.

Interested in pursuing a career as a Massage Therapist? It’s easier than you think! Learn about our other students who found their path at  CCMH/WCCMT by checking out our blog.

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