The Importance of Having Fun: Celeste’s Story

The Importance of Having Fun: Celeste’s Story

The Importance of Having Fun: Celeste’s Story

CCMH is Canada’s leading Massage Therapy program, with campuses across the country including on the east and west coasts.

We caught up with one of our Eastern alumni, Celeste, who shares with us her experiences at our Halifax campus, her second career as an RMT, and the importance of having fun!

Hi Celeste! Which CCMH campus did you graduate from?

I graduated from CCMH in Halifax. I live in Fort St James, BC, so I moved to Halifax for one full year away from my home and husband to pursue this career. I remember flying from one end of the country to the other, all by myself, with all my books and bike in hand. Doing this after being a wife and mom for 24 years… I kept questioning my sanity!

Why did you choose CCMH?

When I decided to become a RMT, I was living in Timmins, a city in Northern Ontario. There was no school offering the program close by. My youngest son was still in high school, so I didn’t want to leave home to study and I looked for an online option The program at CCMH in Halifax offered a blended program that started with online study and ended with the in-class portion. It came very highly rated and fitted my needs perfectly. Also, I was excited to live in Halifax for a year because I am from the East Coast; I felt like I was at home.

What have you been upto since graduation?

I currently work out of my home office in the tiny logging/mining of Fort St. James on the shores of the great Stuart Lake.  I am the only RMT in town so things are pretty busy! I have also been contracted by the local mine, Mount Milligan, to periodically provide therapeutic massage onsite for its employees.  

On the weekends, my hubby and I have been spending our time downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing.  

What originally led you to pursue a career in Massage Therapy?

RMT is a second career for me. I was a professional geologist for almost 30 years. But I started to feel my job as a geologist was no longer meaningful for me. I felt at the end of the day, I was not making a real difference. I wanted to work where I would help people and feel like I was making a difference in someone’s life. I also wanted to work for myself.  

What’s your favourite part about being a RMT?

I love connecting with people, making a difference in their life and helping them to feel better and enjoy life. I also love working for myself. I feel having my own business allows me to be creative in finding ways to build and make it grow. I feel that the more energy I put into my business, the more it will thrive.

We understand that you did the Blended Online/Onsite program. What was your experience? Was the online portion difficult?

I loved the blended program! The classes are much smaller than the regular classes and most of the students were mature career-changers like myself. The smaller class size allowed us to get a lot of one-on-one attention from the instructors. Everyone in the class was extremely supportive of each other – we connected and became friends on-line even before we met in person and are still life long friends to this day. We helped each other through the good times and bad of the program. There were a few tears and stressful times… but we had so much fun! I have never laughed so much!

What advice can you offer current and new students?

Work hard and have fun! Listen to your instructors and get to know them well. They are RMTs and have worked in the industry for many years. They will have a lot of great advice about how to be successful.

Also, the learning will continue long after you graduate! Everyday I learn something new or go back and consult my textbooks to refresh my memory on a certain technique or condition.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and advice Celeste!

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