Benefits Of Stretching

Benefits Of Stretching


When most people think of stretching they usually associate it with a workout or strenuous physical activity, but did you know that incorporating stretching into your daily routine has many health benefits?

In addition to how important stretching is for maintaining overall healthy muscles, reducing soreness, and injury prevention, our students understand the added benefits stretching can have on your daily life.

Stress Management & Prevention

Stress can cause your muscles to contract leaving you feeling tense and uncomfortable. This kind of tension can affect not just your physical body, but also your mental state. Taking the time to stretch, especially right after waking up in the morning can give you a moment of reflection, loosen up tight muscles so you can relax, and release endorphins. Stretching before you go to sleep can also be useful, giving you a more restful and comfortable sleep.

Get Your Blood Circulating

Stretching increases blood flow to muscles, which is great for overall health by promoting cell growth and organ function. Daily stretching can contribute to a more even and consistent blood pressure level and lower your heart rate.

Helping To Improve Posture

Pain and tension in the muscles of the lower back, chest, and shoulders can all put pressure on the alignment of your spine causing hunching or slouching. When you stretch, it helps your posture by lengthening tight muscles and relieving aches and pains.

Increased Energy

Stretching helps to reduce muscle fatigue by making sure there is enough oxygen flowing through your blood, which increases endurance. Stretching can also give you a boost of energy, so if you’re in a midday slump try taking a break and get some stretching in, to jump start your day!

Improved Flexibility

Flexibility is the most obvious benefit of stretching. Finding the right flexibility training program for you can not only improve your physical ability when it comes to sports, workouts, or day-to-day, but also helps you reduce chance of injury, by improving your range of motion and giving you more flexible joints.

No matter what level of physical activity you perform during the day, integrate a range of stretches into your routine to achieve these benefits.

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