Helping Massage Patients Understand their Health

Helping Massage Patients Understand their Health

Helping Massage Patients Understand their Health

At CCMH, we want to know how and what our graduates are doing. We were thrilled to hear from alumnus Roy Angel who studied at our Halifax campus, and will begin working as a Teaching Assistant at CCMH starting in Fall 2017. He is a kind and thoughtful RMT who has spent considerable time on both sides of the table.

Before beginning his studies at CCMH, Roy dealt with chronic neck and shoulder issues. He regularly received treatments from an Osteopath, RMTs, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. After benefitting greatly from those treatments and taking an active interest in the process, Roy decided to study Massage Therapy.

“I was interested in making an impact on people dealing with similar situations as mine. It was also important to me that I help educate patients on their health, because when I was a patient, a lot of practitioners hesitated on trying to explain what was really going on. They were probably worried I’d overthink things, or wouldn’t understand what they were saying – but to me it felt like I just never got an answer.”

Roy has followed through on his mission to educate his patients about their health. Now a practicing RMT, he’s just as passionate about the need for patients to be informed as he was when he was a new student at CCMH.

“I believe that educating our patients is important in helping them understand not only the treatment, but their role in their own physical rehabilitation. I think it also gives people a sense of closure that can help cut down that worrisome feeling of ‘What’s wrong with me? Why do I have all these problems?’ When people are able to focus on their rehab more than worrying about that, they tend to have better success with their healing process.”

After expressing great interest in Massage Therapy, Roy was referred to CCMH by his Osteopath who thought it would be the right learning environment for him. Roy enrolled and felt at home immediately:

“From the first day I contacted CCMH, they welcomed me with a positive uplifting attitude that helped me believe I could achieve my goals if I worked for it.”

Roy worked hard to earn his diploma and is now leading a fulfilling life as a Registered Massage Therapist. He takes a lot of pride in his work and finds it rewarding to be part of the patient recovery process:

“I love when I see the difference in a patient. It’s great to see somebody who might have not had high hopes for their recovery walk out of the clinic a couple months later with a smile. I also love learning from all the different people I meet. I get patients from all sorts of backgrounds and it seems there is always so much to learn out there, even if you only take a minute to listen. And I have a lot of time to listen to patients while they’re on my treatment table for an hour.”

Roy likes to stay busy and currently divides his time between two clinics – Bedford-Sackville Physiotherapy and Choice Health Centre. He currently works with many different injuries and conditions in his practice. Roy has also begun the process of becoming an instructor at CCMH!

“In the Fall of 2017, I will be a Teaching Assistant at CCMH Halifax for the MST 3 class. I was very involved with tutoring throughout my studies, and it really became a passion of mine, so it’s safe to say I’m very excited for this opportunity!”

We’re excited to welcome Roy to our team in the Fall. His unique approach will be valuable for our students. Like so many of our passionate grads, Roy has other interests and pursuits. The flexibility of his career in Massage Therapy allows him to explore all the things he loves simultaneously and comfortably.

“Outside of my job as an RMT, I am a musician and producer. Whenever I’m not in the clinic, I’m working on my music – whether it be writing, or collaborating, or learning new production and music techniques.”

It takes a special kind of person to be a great RMT. Roy is exactly that kind of person. He connects with his clients by being there for them, by listening to them, and engaging with them in a meaningful way:

“I give them the stage. I find it best to allow them to start the conversation, and as we connect, I add in my own thoughts. It’s important to accept my patients for who they are, and I aim to offer a compassionate approach. It’s important to accept that every person brings their own value to the table, and to tailor my treatment to them accordingly.”

Roy is the kind of RMT we hope our students will become. He’s compassionate, hard working, intelligent and driven. We asked Roy to share his best advice for students at CCMH, to help them get on the right track:

“Keep pushing, even when the concepts seem abstract. The Massage Therapy program at CCMH is fast-paced and challenging, but so rewarding once you are finished for that very reason. Take in all the help you can, the staff are always there to help in whatever way they can. They are more than happy to support you, you just have to ask. I also found that throughout my schooling, I had different study habits than my peers. Respect and take in what your classmates have to offer, but understand that not everyone will think the same way as you. You need to find the people and the environment that suits you best to help you focus on your studies and get into the right rhythm. Work on developing study habits that work for you, not what everybody else is doing. It will become much easier once you do.”

Thanks for that wonderful advice, Roy! We can’t wait to work with you this Fall.

Are you interested in a career as a Massage Therapist? Learn more about other students who found their path at CCMH by checking out our blog and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Want to share your story? Contact Susy at [email protected]


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