How Do I Know if Massage Therapy is Right For Me?

How Do I Know if Massage Therapy is Right For Me?


Choosing the right career can be a challenge, especially for well-rounded individuals who have a wide variety of interests. If you think Massage Therapy might be the path you want to take, here are a few of the key benefits this dynamic career has to offer before you consider enrolling in a Massage Therapy college like CCMH.

RMTs are hands-on and thoughtful

Many people mistakenly assume that you need to choose between an academic career and a hands-on career; Massage Therapy is a beautiful union of the two.

Kevin, one of our WCCMT New Westminster grads, says: “Being an RMT is awesome due to our advanced manual skills and medical training. This unique blend of education allows the practitioner to help nearly every stage of humanity (and even animals!).”

With that in mind, asking yourself honestly if you are interested in the subject matter is important before enrollment. Massage Therapy programs are physically and mentally challenging. Before you enroll, you need to assess if you are interested in health and medicine, and be willing to buckle down and study hard throughout the duration of the program. Our School Readiness Quiz can help.

RMTs help others every day

If improving someone’s quality of life is something that motivates you, Massage Therapy might be right for you. Outreach is built into the job.

Andrew, a CCMH grad, says: “The satisfaction I feel when I complete a Treatment Plan, really makes it all worthwhile.”

Developing strong relationships with clients can be extremely rewarding for RMTs as they get to watch as their clients improve. Stephanie McDowell, a WCCMT Victoria grad says: “It’s hard to put into words, but the faith my clients put in me is a very wonderful and humbling experience. It’s especially the little things (which are actually often the enormous things) that really make the days special.”

RMTs are flexible

Flexibility is something most employees value, no matter what their career entails. If a flexible schedule matters to you, working as an RMT is a great alternative to the 9 to 5 grind. WCCMT’s Stephanie is “fortunate enough to be able to pick and choose the days and times [she works] and [she has] a broad spectrum of patients with varying and complex issues.” This flexibility tends to apply to freelance and clinical Massage Therapy work and is a major perk of the job.

Registered Massage Therapy may be the career path for you. If you’re on the hunt for a great program, you can’t go wrong with one of CCMH/WCCMT’s five branches across Canada. Contact us for a tour or browse our website for testimonials and program details.

At CCMH/WCCMT, we are here to help our students reach their full potential and even if you haven’t visited our campus, we can give you many reasons why you should. We will work with you to give you the education, tools and experience you need to become great at Massage Therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about CCMH, follow us on Facebook. If you’d like an opportunity to visit our campus, email us at [email protected]


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