Learning Never Stops

Learning Never Stops

A career change can come at any point in life and, at CCMH, we embrace all students that walk through our door. There is no age limit to learning or to success and we want to be able to help all of our students find happiness and fulfillment through Massage Therapy.

CCMH Adult LearnersThat being said, being an adult learner can have different challenges than those a younger student faces. Adult Learners are often juggling much more than just school, as they can have other jobs and families to attend to. We talked to alumni and instructors from our campuses in Toronto, Halifax and Victoria and asked them what advice they had for our Adult Learners.

“The one piece of advice that I can offer adult learners is to take advantage of any additional help and assistance each campus offers. Here in Halifax, we begin lunch-time tutorials, after-school programs, and peer tutoring the second week of class. This is an excellent time to review the information and ask questions you may not have thought of previously. Also, it is extremely important to find a study-buddy, or a group to study with. Taking time to explore different study techniques and practice skills learned in class is so helpful for retention of information.”

CCMH Adult Learners

On top of taking advantage of the resources we offer, it is important for our students to be organized and manage their time efficiently:

“You have to be organized. Organization is the key. Generally, our students have families and outside obligations,” said an instructor from Toronto. “The key to being successful is to manage your time well.”

Time management is crucial to success in school. Whether you have a family, a second job, an active social life, or all three, it can be easy to let precious hours slip through your fingers as an adult learner. Taking advantage of all of the supports that we have will help you to stay organized and retain information.

Our alum from Victoria had similar things to say: “Time management seems to be the #1 challenge for everyone hands down so being super organized is a must; knowing how to prioritize work”. It’s not about just putting in time but also about using that time effectively and staying focused: “Develop skills needed to study sciences. Have as simple a life as possible to concentrate on your studies.”

Being a student of any age has its own challenges but it is crucial to stay organized and put the necessary time and focus into your learning. Through strong time management, organization skills and using the resources we provide, adult learners can thrive in the CCMH environment.

CCMH is incredibly proud of all of our adult learners and wish them all the best in their time as a student and successful graduate. If you’d like to read more tips and tricks from alumni on how to be successful, please read our blog on Being the Best You. If you’d like to be featured in a blog on our website please contact [email protected].


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