Illuminating the Way

Illuminating the Way

CCMH Testimonials

At CCMH/WCCMT our students are our priority. Knowing that they are succeeding and enjoying their careers means that we are doing our jobs. This makes the feedback from both our students and graduates vital to what we do. Recently, we asked our alumni to provide us with testimonials that spoke not only to their time at CCMH/WCCMT but also to their careers. The responses we received were incredibly heartwarming. The job satisfaction and the messages of gratitude that you sent us made us so proud of all of our graduates, as well as the institution that we have built here at CCMH/WCCMT. Here are a select few testimonials:

“The first week after graduation, I started working with another Massage Therapist, and had five clients. By the end of the third week I was seeing 20-30 clients per week. Becoming a Massage Therapist is the best thing I ever did in my life.”

  • Dianna Horton, RMT, Graduate

“CCMH not only prepared me for the field of clinical massage, but challenged me to expand on the skills I brought with me from my “former life” and make a career. This challenge had allowed me to find fulfillment not only as a full-time clinical therapist, but also as a consultant, researcher, lecturer, author and instructor in many facets both within and complementary to the profession. Each student must decide for themselves what path they want to walk; CCMH illuminates the way.”

  • Robynne Tennant, RMT, Graduate

“Since graduating from CCMH, I have started my own clinic, Sore Spots, in Halifax. In 2008, our practice was the recipient of the Yellow Pages “Make it Happen” Award, recognizing local businesses that are committed to improving their community.”

  • Jamie Lynn Chediac, RMT, Graduate

CCMH/WCCMT is proud to call Dianna, Robynne, and Jamie graduates of our school. Each one of them has shown courage, talent, independence and creativity in their careers. Dianna’s ability to connect with others and treat each patient with care has led to a large patient roster; Robynne’s creativity has allowed her to follow her love of Massage Therapy into many different fields; and Jamie’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to opening her own business.

CCMH/WCCMT loves sharing the experiences of our students in Toronto, Cambridge, Halifax, Vancouver and Victoria. For more first-hand experiences, you can read other testimonial blogs here. If you would like to share your story, please contact [email protected]

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