Ginger’s Long and Winding Road to Massage Therapy

Ginger’s Long and Winding Road to Massage Therapy

Ginger had been self-employed for 14 years at a family-owned convenience store in Labrador, but once they sold the business she began to wonder what was next. She had seen an RMT years earlier in an effort to find relief from headaches, and was interested in learning more about Massage Therapy.

After doing some research, Ginger found CCMH’s 3-Year Blended Program that offers classes both Online and On-site. She was based in Labrador, and not in the position to relocate to attend classes at the CCMH Halifax campus. The Online component of the classes, she soon found out, perfectly fit her lifestyle.

Not soon after she enrolled, Ginger’s life changed dramatically. She continued spending around 4 hours a day on her classes while also caring for her ailing mother. Halfway through the first year of the Online course, Ginger found out that she was pregnant. Ginger made the decision to put her schoolwork aside in order to do what she had to do to take care of her family. In a cruel twist of fate, Ginger’s mother passed away in May of the next year, and her baby was born in June. She had an entirely new life ahead of her, but remained determined to pick up her studies with CCMH.

A year passed and Ginger was feeling more settled. She began thinking about moving to Halifax with her new family to complete the On-Site version of her schooling. Her plans were put on hold when her dad was diagnosed with a serious illness, and before she knew it another year of family-first priorities had passed. By this time, Ginger had a husband, two children and a dog. She had a wonderful life, but still felt drawn to return to CCMH to learn a trade that she was truly excited about. She was always grateful for the encouragement and understanding she got from CCMH, and this is one aspect that helped her stay determined to finish the program.

Ginger Ryland CCMH

With so much time passing in between her years of online classes, Ginger felt a great deal of anxiety when the time finally came for On-Site classes. She had been enrolled in the program on and off for several years, and had to keep re-learning important facts to keep her knowledge up to date. Meeting her new classmates in Halifax, she felt that they had an edge over her because they had fresh knowledge.

It wasn’t long, though, before Ginger felt completely caught up. She loved the Online section of the program that was heavily based in theory, but excelled in the On-Site portion that was “all in the muscles”. This technique-based learning, along with studying and working with others, made for an interesting learning experience, and getting “hands on” showed her that her expertise could really help people.

It never felt easy – from 6 hours of classes to clinics three nights a week, Ginger found the work intense and exhausting. The testing was some of the hardest she had ever experienced, but she thrived in her palpation exams and orthopedic assessment. Ginger knew that it was all worthwhile, despite the hard work, life challenges and obstacles.

Ginger Ryland CCMHAfter graduating, Ginger chose work at a physiotherapy clinic, where she treats 20-25 patients a week. She is very happy with the choices she made to get where she is today, knowing that she is helping people and her time is valued. Because of her experience at CCMH, she never feels intimidated with the problems that her patients come to her with – the On-Site component of the program was so condensed that she feels like she is prepared for whatever comes her way.

Ginger is a testament to the fact that life can get in the way of your dreams and goals, but that if you have patience, understanding and a lot of drive, you can still get what you want. “Don’t give up on what’s important,” she reminds us.

CCMH loves sharing the experiences of our students. For more first-hand experiences, you can read Trini’s blog here. If you would like to share your story, please contact [email protected]



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