CCMH Halifax Year in Review

CCMH Halifax Year in Review

Photo of Mason at his current company
Mason Keeping, a featured blog writer from 2015

At CCMH Halifax, we were excited to feature several inspirational students, faculty and alumni in our blogs. As the year winds down to a close, we’d like to take a moment to review some hightlights:

The entrepreneur bug hit some of our alumni, as we learned in Jamie Lynn Chediac’s blog. She found her opportunity to start her own RMT business while looking for work, and she crossed paths with a colleague looking to sell her business. That’s how she became the owner of Sore Spots Registered Massage, a company that she is proud and excited to own. We also were able to congratulate another home grown entrepreneur, Trini McDonald, who opened her clinic in July. Trini loves having a career where she can help people, and looks forward to treating them at her business, Cobequid Advanced Massage Therapy Clinic.

In Mason Keeping’s blog, we learned that behind every obstacle there is an opportunity. A former firefighter and student of CCMH, an injury from firefighting is what led him to discover a passion for massage therapy. Mason graduated from CCMH and quickly worked his way up to management at the clinic he works for. He is currently studying and re-learning his skills in hopes of passing his boards so that he can work from home in Newfoundland.

We are thrilled to continue bringing you stories about the College of Massage Community. Remember to keep up with us by following CCMH on Facebook, Twitter and joining our page on LinkedIn.

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