Relieving your Mind, Spirit and “Sore Spots” too

Relieving your Mind, Spirit and “Sore Spots” too your own business is not always what people immediately think of when they consider becoming an RMT. For Jamie Lynn Chediac, owner of Sore Spots Massage Therapy and CCMH Halifax Graduate, entrepreneurship is part of the job. However, Jamie Lynn didn’t so much choose the life of an entrepreneur as much as the entrepreneur life chose her.

Jamie developed an early interest in Massage Therapy while attending the J.L Ilsley High School Career Fair. After spending one year in International Development, it became evident that International Development was not her passion. While taking some time to reconsider her career path, Jamie decided to travel. In South America, she re-discovered her passion for helping others. Upon return to Halifax, Jamie followed through on her high school ambition to become a RMT, thus enrolling in a two year program at CCMH.

Upon graduation from CCMH, Jamie decided to take her new healing skills on the road, all the way to Chicoutimi, Quebec, where she continued to work at developing her Massage Therapy practice and language skills. Armed with a medical dictionary for French Anatomy terms, Jamie worked hard to adapt to her new environment; and was grateful for her training from CCMH. “CCMH provided me with a strong science curriculum,” recalls the young business owner, and thanks to the great teaching “all of the material has stuck.”

After two years in Quebec, Jamie returned to Halifax in search of RMT work. As fate would have it, Jamie’s path crossed with a colleague who was looking to sell her business practice and location. “When do opportunities like this happen? How could I not jump at the idea”, she says with a huge smile. By the fall of 2007, Jamie Lynn Chediac was the owner and operator of Sore Spots Registered Massage Therapy.

Sore Spots is located on the 1st floor of the Delta Halifax Hotel on Barrington Street, directly adjacent to the pool and gym area. Despite the large client base afforded by the hotel guests that pass by her studio, day in day out, the majority of Sore Spots clients are local, return clients who reside within HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality).

Ten years later, Jamie is a leader in the industry, having received the Gold Medal for the Best Massage Therapist in Halifax in 2012 & 2010 and runner up in 2007-8 (The Coast Magazine). She was also a recipient of the Yellow Pages ‘Make it Real’ Small Business Award for volunteer work and community contributions towards the Home of the Guardian Angel & the Chebucto Family Centre in 2008. Her volunteer work with the MTANS (Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia) Executive has led to campaign development and promotion of the benefits of massage therapy and the industry province wide

Currently, Jamie is part of a small, growing community of Ashiatsu Therapists setting the trend for this new modality in the province. What makes “Sore Spots” unique is its focus on Ashiastsu Massage. Ashiatsu means “foot pressure” and is comprised of a combination of barefoot massage techniques from around the world that have been adapted to North American Standards. This style of massage therapy helps in stress reduction, alleviates pain, improves circulation, and improves overall health.

Sore Spots also focuses on the health of its staff. She states that, “therapists shouldn’t cause pain for the self while remedying others.” This staff-centered approach allows Jamie’s therapists to be aware of their own bodies which, in turn, will help them to be more aware of their patient’s needs. Sore Spots Massage therapy has recently undergone a major expansion from one treatment space to three, complete with custom built and mounted ceiling bars, necessary to practice Ashiatsu. Jamie is delighted to be adding new people to her team: “having other RMTs around me is stimulating and rewarding.”

The College of Massage is incredibly pleased to call Jamie a graduate. While success comes in many forms, it is certainly commendable to hear of all the good work that Jamie Lynn Chediac is doing for her community and for the profession at large. To book an appointment, call (902) 492-6439, go online at or send an email to [email protected]

If you’d like to read more stories from our graduates, check out Jamie’s blog post on his background, CCMH journey, and bright future.

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