From Fighting fires to Muscle Fibres

From Fighting fires to Muscle Fibres

mason 2An injury can often seem like a setback or a disappointment, but sometimes it is this type of challenge that can lead to something much more positive. Injuries often push us to new attitudes, new out looks and sometime even new careers. This is what happened to Mason Keeping, a former fire fighter student whose injury led him to discover a passion for Massage Therapy that would take him to an exciting new career.

Mason’s fire-fighting career was cut short when he sustained some injuries which stemmed from years of playing hockey and both skateboarding and snowboarding incidents. Firefighting had always been his dream since he was little, but these injuries prevented him from being doing his job. His recovery process involved Massage Therapy and he loved how the treatment made him feel. Never having thought about Massage Therapy as a career before, he realized that being a Registered Massage Therapist could allow him to bring to others this same kind of relief. He began to ask his Therapist some questions about the profession, and do his research about schools in his area. After “crunching some numbers,” to make sure it was a financially viable career path for him, Mason decided to visit massage schools in search of education.

His excitement was apparent on the day that Mason, dressed in a suit and tie, spent the day touring CCMH Halifax on visitor’s day. “I was very keen” Mason laughs, as he describes his attire, “I asked the questions that were bugging me, and they gave me great answers.” What were those questions? Coming from the male-dominated world of firefighting Mason really had one big question on his mind: “What’s been the success story for men in the program?” Luckily, he had nothing to worry about. With an expanding industry and changing perceptions, our graduates (whether male or female) are successful in finding, sustaining and enjoying careers in the massage world.

After his tour Mason signed up for the fast track, eighteen-month program at CCMH Halifax and started his training towards becoming a RMT. School wasn’t always easy for him, as the program is very intense, but everything was incredibly useful. He loved the hands-on experience, feeling that it truly prepared him for the real world. “No one loves every minute of going to school,” Marcus says with a smile “but once you’re on the other side you appreciate it so much.” He also partook in sports clinics and outreach programs while studying at CCMH, in which he gained invaluable experience. Even before graduating, Mason was able to secure a job, something he says CCMH is well known for..

masonLess than a year out of school, Mason began work at “Massage Experts” and was promoted to the position of Clinical Director. His delight and surprise at how quickly he has moved up is matched by a fierce determination to be a team player and life-long learner. The job has allowed him to appreciate everyone’s skills and

has given him the chance to educate others. Through his work, Mason has realized that his passion stems from his need to help others.

Mason is currently in the process of studying and re-learning his skills in the hopes of passing his board exams and being able to work at home in Newfoundland. He hopes to be able to work with Athletes and sports teams in Newfoundland, offering assistance. Mason has decided to focus some additional learning on TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint), which is technically our jaw bone and it’s articulating muscle and structures. TMJ-D is a common dysfunction in which people experience headaches, toothaches and it can lead to further head, neck and shoulder pain. This this has been an amazing addition to his learning.

When asked about what advice he would give to current students, Mason is clear: “Go to class, pay attention, the things that you think are not relative, are. It’s all relative in the real world”. Looking forward, Mason sees big things on the horizon. The movement into management that his new position has afforded him is something he knows will take his career to a new and exciting level. What else is there to say but…to be continued! We know that Mason will continue to accomplish a lot and we cannot wait to see where he goes next.

CCMH is proud of Mason and his development out in the Massage Industry. If you are a CCMH graduate and also interested in TMJ? Do you have treatment success story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Contact [email protected] to get started.

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