Delivering Nationally-Recognized Competency-Based Training

Delivering Nationally-Recognized Competency-Based Training

CCMH is well known within our profession and clinic owners are aware of the high quality of massage therapists that graduate from CCMH. We prepare our students to become leaders in the profession.

Our program is recognized by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and graduates are eligible to take their provincial licensing examinations.

We offer an intensive course as part of our program that prepares our students to write and successfully pass these qualifying exams.

CCMH’s program is designed to exceed the minimum standards and requirements of our profession’s regulators, thereby allowing our graduates to practice in any province and most regions outside Canada.

Students are recommended to confirm the specific requirements for the province or region in which they wish to practice, if known, prior to entering the program. Graduates from CCMH who successfully complete qualifying exams in any legislated province (currently BC, ON, NB, PE, & NL) are eligible to work coast to coast in Canada.