Transferring to CCMH

Transferring to CCMH

Transfer Students

Students may apply for transfer credits from one of our sister campuses, other colleges with recognized diploma programs in Massage Therapy, or from relevant university or college programs. Each transfer application will be carefully assessed on an individual basis.

University and Transfer Credits

If you have kinesiology, physical education, or health science credits, you may be eligible for advanced standing in our Massage Therapy Diploma Program. Contact the Director of Education for more information.

An applicant who has successfully completed postsecondary education similar to CCMH education may request a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). It is the applicant’s responsibility to request an assessment during the admissions process; this process must be completed prior to enrolment.

The Prior Learning Asessment form, the associated fee, and the following supporting documentation must be submitted:

  1. Official sealed transcript from the institution where the course(s) were completed
  2. An outline of the total course hours from each course being assessed
  3. A detailed course outline/syllabus from the institution for each course being assessed. (A course description is not sufficient. A detailed syllabus is required.)

The PLA is completed by the Director of Education and will determine whether a student is exempted from a course(s), required to complete a challenge examination(s) overseen by CCMH, or is required to take the respective course(s).

Challenge/Placement Examinations

All challenge exams must be completed and graded a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the start of the program year in which the course is offered. If the challenge exam is incomplete by the deadline, the student forfeits the right to challenge the course and will be required to enrol in the respective course. The fee for a written challenge exam is $50.00. The fee for a practical challenge exam is $100.00. Such fees shall be paid in full prior to completing the examination(s) and are non-refundable.

In the case of exemption, a credit equal to the course fee will be applied to the overall tuition amount due for the applicable year of study.

Auditing Courses

Auditing may be permitted for courses in which a transfer credit/exemption has been granted. This will be approved as determined by the Director of Education, space permitting, and subject to a $100.00 charge per course. No official grade will be allocated for audited courses. All audited courses are subject to the College’s attendance policies.

Please see the Student Handbook Policies and Procedures, s. 6.14 for more details on the course audit policy for current students and graduates.